Recycling an Old Habit

One casualty of Katrina was curbside recycling.  In Jefferson Parish, until last month, the Parish, about once a month, would arrange for a location where folks could drive to drop off recyclables.  I think even less was offered in Orleans Parish.

I hate to admit that for the past four years (oh, the guilt), I have not been recycling.  And even though I started a worm bin to not add vegetable clippings to landfills, I have been adding all manner of other, far worse, items.

So when I read that Jefferson Parish was no longer doing any free recycling, I can’t explain why, but I acted.  Finally.  I went to Phoenix Recycling’s website and signed up for paid curbside recycling.  And for a mere $15 a month, I am recycling more than the Parish ever took for free.  They take newspapers, the bags the newspapers come in, cardboard, plastic.  Really, they take all but plastic hangers, plastic grocery bags, and glass. The pick up every other week.

And in the FIRST week of recycling, we reduced what went to a landfill by TWO large kitchen garbage bags.  That’s 104 bags of trash from my home alone.  My small family of three.

So, are you like I was–still not recycling becuase it’s no longer free?  Do your conscience a favor, go to Phoenix Recycling, pay the $15 and recycle to your heart’s content.

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