Some random, unorganized, rambling about me

Hi! I’m Gina and I am addicted to coffee and books. Single mom of two boys, living in Algiers, former-accountant-now-second-grade-teacher, go ahead – ask me what I think of charter schools, formerly married to a first responder, divorce now in my back pocket due more to stormy relationship than related to the storm, age: 41, born in Virginia – Navy-brat, moved to the Wank with the fam in 1978 from Connecticut, loves local beer, local music & local crawfish, math degree @ Loyola, MBA @ UNO, favorite color = blue, gimme a mango and/or coconut snoball . . . or almond, don’t want to ever, ever, ever have to evacuate again.
NOLA Passions: education, neighborhood restoration, historic preservation, eating, drinking and shaking it!

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