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11-Hour Drive Later

And we are not that much further away — about 90 miles WNW of New Orleans at my sister’s house in Baton Rouge – definitely safer than in New Orleans, but people are evacuating out of HERE too – and everythng is boarded up, businesses and stores closed . . . we still expect hurricane force winds and rain — but at least we are above sea level We decided to evacuate this morning, when my brother (also a police officer) reported that his Chief had just placed an order for 3000 body bags . . . The recommendations we heard on the radio on the way up were nightmarish. Officials advising that those who decided to stay, make sure to put the necessary tools in their attics so that when the water rises into them, they can hack out of their roofs Bryan is in a hotel in the French Quarter – there aren’t any police stations that they expect can withstand the winds – and all of them would be under water. The last time I talked to him he had been called out because there was a tornado close.The drive up was unbelievable. Bumper to bumper traffic for all 90 miles ~ the dogs farted all the way up (GROSS!) and Owen threw up from motion sickness (how did he get THAT since we hardly MOVED?) twice – one of the dogs peed in the back of the Jeep . . . We did not find an open service station or store until 7:30 – and we had barely eaten more than snacks all day long.They expect to lose power here sometime later tonight – and in New Orleans, they do not expect to get it back for several weeks. I do have Heather’s phone number — so I’ll call her with some updates, but I think we are safer here, anyway.I hate to think about the house — I’ll be really happy to see it again . . . God willing.Thank you all so much for thinking of us! The next few days, weeks – maybe months will be interesting . . . Love ya!

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