Sunday Postscripts

Welcome to Sunday Postscripts which I hope will become a weekly feature here, goddess willing. It’s the one day of the week when I can spend a little more time perusing the blogs and newspapers to catch up on what I missed in the past week and read articles I bookmarked for “later”. The plan is to share the links here in case you missed them too.

The first story I want to share was written by Swampwoman on her blog, The Mosquito Coast, entitled Mary Landrieus Healthcare Forum. I cannot believe I initially missed this but am so happy I found it today. She recently attended a town hall meeting in Reserve, LA and has written an excellent report with many really great photos of the event. Having worked in healthcare on the clinical side and the business side for 28 years, I have a very keen interest in Healthcare Reform. If this is an issue you care about and you haven’t attended any of the town hall meeting, you must read this post. It’s a real first-hand account from the fray from our friend, Swampwoman.

I’ve been meaning to write a post about KatrinaWarriors, a local organization that describes itself as follows:

Katrina Warriors Network is the diverse body of individuals, affinities, organizations, & institutions working to support and enhance the well-being of women and girls in New Orleans, Louisiana and the U.S. Gulf South.

I first became aware of this org in 2006 when I heard about it on a local radio station and immediately blogged about it because I felt strongly about the work it was seeking to do which was to raise awareness in the community of the violence brought against women in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. Over the years I’ve tried to keep up with KW events although I admit it’s been sporadic. Well, no more. I’ll be bringing their events to your attention here and you can also look forward to contributions on this blog from Jen who is a force behind Katrina Warriors.
Right now I want to point everyone to an extensive list of healthcare resources for New Orleans women on the KW site. Link to the pdf. The New Orleans Women’s Health Resource Guide is a collaborative publication of: Common Ground Health Clinic, REACH NOLA, Tulane University, New Orleans Women’s Health Clinic, New Orleans Women’s Health & Justice Initiative, V-Day, Katrina Warriors Artist Rowan Shafer & many community members.

Speaking of Katrina, there are many local blog posts about yesterday’s 4th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina aka locally as The Federal Flood. I haven’t read them all yet but I want to point out my friend Rex’s post on his blog, NoLA Rising which I found very profound and healing. I highly recommend this read, not only for New Orleanians, but for all Americans. Here’s a snippet:

In the end, I will celebrate as a New Orleanian should. I will celebrate my friends who have returned and still fight the specters of the past. I will celebrate the many new faces who have come to New Orleans not to take from it her riches, but to lend their positive spirit to the greater whole. I will celebrate those who come to gawk at our history and drink on our streets, enjoying the freedoms we take for granted in this city. Rex raises his glass to you all!

Valentine Pierce is a poet, New Orleans native and someone I’m proud to call my friend who recently began blogging at Poet Sense & Sensibilities. In her anniversary post she talks about her memories before and after Katrina and her on-going effort to find peace with it all. I highly recommend her book of poetry, Geometry of the Heart, which I devoured post-K and still read regularly. It stays on my coffee table.

I want to thank Nordette of Blogher, a native New Orleanian, for her thoughtful and informataive post as well and for linking to many of the NoLA bloggers anniversary posts. I’m very happy that she included this fledgling blog by linking to our own Nikki’s haunting photograph. Thanks, Nordette!

Well, that will have to be it for this week – the kitchen is calling out “cook, cook, cook!” So off I go to fry up some pork chops, check on the simmering collard greens and mix up the cornbread.

Take care, all.


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