New Orleans. Period.

I have my Google Reader set to catch anything “New Orleans” that comes up in the news and this evening this title grabbed my attention: “The New New Orleans”. And I’m thinking, did I just time travel back to 2006-2007? I haven’t heard or seen that phrase in a long time, thank the goddess. Why do I say that? Because we have moved way beyond that temporary post-Katrina phrase. New Orleans will never be “new”. The whole mystique of this city is that it’s old, it’s timeless, it’s unique. Houston is new. Nola is not nor ever will be. The Federal Flood didn’t wash away our culture or our spirit. No, it strengthened us into steel resolve. This city has been here for centuries, has seen more than one hurricane, has lived under multiple flags and it has endured. It’s seen plague, war and Jim Crow and it has persevered.

Just as “the new normal” has passed into the lexicon of history, so has “the new New Orleans”. Dig it.


3 thoughts on “New Orleans. Period.

  1. Yeah, you right!!! I can’t wait to see plasticky Houston in my rearview mirror! I love New Orleans.period!

  2. Would you be intrested in setting up a table at our festival to publicize your organization?


    Roselyn Lionhart

    LadyFest, New Orleans, a non-profit music, spoken word and arts festival organized by local women of all identities to showcase, celebrate and encourage the music, poetry, art and activism of women in New Orleans and to benefit local organizations that support women presents their third annual festival.

    The festival runs for five days at five different venues. It will begin on Wed., Nov. 4, 6 pm at St. Anna’s Episcopal Church, 1313 Esplanade, New Orleans, with a Homily by Deacon Joyce Jackson, the first and only black woman Episcopal deacon in New Orleans. This will be followed by gospel music from Tonia Scott and the Anointed Voices who were the featured choir in “Skeleton Key”. The Queen Clarinet of Louisiana, Doreen Ketchens, will close out the evening with lots of hot music from Doreen’s Jazz New Orleans.

    The festival moves to Snug Harbor on Thur., Nov 5 with two shows 8 and 10 pm at Snug Harbor Jazz Bistro, 626 Frenchmen, featuring Cindy Scott, Leah Chase, Megan Swartz on piano, Cori Waters on drums and Cassandra Falconer on bass.

    On Friday, Nov. 6, Sweet Lorraine’s, 1931 St. Claude is the place to be with Charmaine Neville, David & Roselyn, Estelle Compagne on flute, GaBrilla Ballard, Lynn Drury & the Pfister sisters accompanied by Amassa Miller on Piano, Cori Waters on drums and Cassandra Falconer on bass.

    Sat, Nov. 7th the show moves to the Marigny Theatre, 1030 Marigny at St. Claude to enjoy blues with Beth Trepagnier, hear Gina Forsyth, dynamite on guitar or fiddle, and be amazed by Kayne Reznick‘s lusty irreverent folk songs, Lindsay Mendez performing music from her new CD, Olivia Greene bringing a fresh slant to jazz accompanied by Cori, Cassandra and Estelle. Then Some Like It Hot tears up the evening.

    Sun., Nov. 8th, LadyFest New Orleans 2009 has its final performance at the Ashe’ Cultural Arts Center 1712 Oretha Castle Haley Blvd., from 11 am to 6 pm with 30 X 90, Dixie Rose, Hazel and the Delta Ramblers, Kelcy Mae, Margie Perez, Olga and Troi Bechet with Mimi Geste on Piano, Cori Waters on Drums, Cassandra Falconer on Bass and Estelle Campagne on Flute.


    WED, NOV 4TH, ST. ANNA’S 6:00 to 9 pm

    Deacon Joyce Jackson’s Homily on “Women of the Bible”
    Tonia Scott and the Anointed Voices
    Doreen’s Jazz New Orleans

    THURS, NOV 5TH, SNUG HARBOR 8:00 pm & 10:00 pm

    Cindy Scott, Leah Chase,
    with Meghan Swartz on Piano,
    Cori Walters on Drums & Cassandra Falconer on Bass

    FRI, NOV 6TH, SWEET LORRAINE’S 7 pm to Midnight

    Charmaine Neville, David & Roselyn, Estelle Campagne, GaBrilla Ballard, Lynn Drury& the Pfister Sisters,
    MoLasses:New Orleans’(mostly)Women’s Brass Band

    With Amasa Miller on Piano, Cori Walters on Drums & Cassandra Falconer on Bass,

    SAT, NOV 7TH, MARIGNY THEATRE 7pm to Midnight

    Beth Trepagnier, Gina Forsyth, Kayne Reznick,
    Lindsay Mendez, Olivia Greene, Toni O,
    Meghan Swartz Piano, Cori Walters on Drums,
    Cassandra Falconer on Bass & Estelle Campagne on Flute

    Noon to 6pm

    30 X 90, Dixie Rose, Hazel-The Delta Rambler,
    Kelcy Mae, Margie Perez, Olga, Troi Bechet,
    Cori Walters on Drums & Cassandra Falconer on Bass,
    Estelle Campagne on Flute & Mimi Geste on Piano

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