Navy Week: Meet NOLA native Devon Dejoie

Seaman Devon S. Dejoie


If it’s on the deck of the USS New Orleans, Seaman Dejoie, a New Orleans native, has it covered. As a Deck Seaman he maintains equipment, operates a crane to lower small boats into the water and hoists stores and supplies onto the ship. He joined the Navy to travel, but he’s very glad to be coming home to New Orleans, where he will take part in Navy Week from November 2-7. Here are some of his thoughts on his military career and his hometown.

Where it all began:

“I have wanted to join the military since I was a small child. I chose the Navy for the travel experience and better quality of military life.”

Most memorable experience in uniform:

“In December of 2008 I traveled to New Orleans on leave to visit family for the Christmas holiday. While visiting, I went to my old elementary school in uniform and talked to the kids there about the Navy.”

What Navy Week means to me:

“I am always proud to be a U.S. Navy Sailor, but to go back to the place I am from and get a chance to represent the Navy and the USS New Orleans is a huge honor for me. I believe it will be one of my proudest moments.

For more information on Navy Week, and to learn about events where you can meet Sailors like Seaman Dejoie, visit: You can also become a fan of Navy Weeks on Facebook. Just search “Navy Weeks” or follow this link.


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