When *Katrina* Happened???

I’m with Editilla on Leslie Jacobs’ first ad in her bid for mayor. Showing flood ravaged Canal Street while starting off, “When Katrina happened…” tells me one of two things:
1. Her media consultant isn’t from New Orleans
2. Her media consultant and she are out of touch with the locals. What happened here on August 29, 2005 wasn’t “Katrina” – it was “The Federal Flood”. I’m not splitting hairs here….this is an important distinction to New Orleanians who lost jobs, homes and loved ones to the fetid flood waters.

If she wants to be Mayor of New Orleans she might want to rethink her approach. Dig it.


6 thoughts on “When *Katrina* Happened???

  1. Sorry, but I disagree. What happened here most certainly WAS Katrina. If not, how did my house end up with over $200,000 in damage with only ~$30,000 of it from the flood? Katrina and the flood are not mutually exclusive events. The flood was the major cause of damage in this city, but you simply cannot ignore the wind damage.

  2. I absolutely agree, Lisa, that you cannot discount the wind damage. I had my own several thousand dollars worth of damage to my house due to the wind. My beef is with the commercial showing a flooded Canal Street while beginning “When Katrina happened” …. it just is not accurate or right. The flooded streets of Canal and the 9th and Gentilly and Lakeview, New Orleans East and St.Bernard were directly caused by the failures of the levee system. Lives were lost to the flood caused by the failure of the levee system. People died in their attics waiting for rescue from the flood waters caused by the failure of the levee system. People waited for days for rescue on their roofs due to the flood waters caused by the flood due to the failure of the levee system. The Mississippi gulf coast’s devastation was a direct result of the hurricane. While the winds contributed to the damage in our city, the flood waters from the breach of the levees did far more damage.

  3. I realize that I was not here during Hurricane Katrina and the aftermath, but as someone who wasn’t here, I think that there is a point to the distinction. A lot of preconceived notions and misconceptions in other areas of the country come from the thought that that damage to New Orleans was caused from the hurricane itself, ignoring the role that the levee system played in it. I think that in order to make the federal government accountable, the city needs to make that distinction too.

  4. My parents sustained MAJOR wind damage that rivals the flood damage of some of the levee failure areas. They lost large portions of their roof – and had to gut like a lot of folks. No levee failure in their hood.

    Likewise, I suffered no flood, but all wind. DEF Katrina related damage.

    However, we lost our business to the federal levee failure.

    I saw the ad . . . don’t recall the specifics — but Jacobs is one of the higher-ups responsible for bringing my employer to N’Awlins (KIPP) so I personally laud her and welcome her candidacy.

  5. And I understand also, Gina, your personal experiences as a teacher in the Kipp system. I applaud that and I know how dedicated you are to teaching. I realize Ms Jacobs was instrumental in Kipp and charter system. BUT I seriously need to hear from her on *other* issues before I can back her or “fan” her on FaceBook.

  6. Hot DAMN! That is great!
    I agree (to some degree) that it was both Katrina and the levee but had it not been for the levees, we could have survived Katrina much better. We probably would have been like all those braggarts – back on our feet under our own volition instead of mired is this mess the levees created.

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