Restaurant donates proceeds, but does it give notice?

You can donate to the pro-life movement on Tuesday, December 8, 2009 by dining at Ye Olde College Inn!  No reservations required! Just come on in and be proud of the fact that a portion of your meal and the booze you slung back that night will be presented to the Bio-ethics Defense Fund!An e-mail was sent out by BDF earlier this week, inviting individuals to join in the fun for a life-saving, good time. Having a fund-raising in and of itself is great, however, when proceeds from a bar/restaurant on a night of normal business operations is given, somehow, I question the ethics involved in this. And I should. Just as we all should.

Needless to say, I will never patronize Ye Olde College Inn again.  Not because of the cause they are supporting, but in the methods of which they are choosing to support such a cause.

Below is the e-mail sent out by the Bio-ethics Defense Fund.
It’s been a very challenging year fighting the culture of death promoted by the current administration.
Let’s recharge our batteries with pro-life friends at
Ye Olde College Inn

Pro-Life Night at Ye Olde College Inn!

Join us for a delicious way to support the life-affirming legal work of the Bioethics Defense Fund!
Just have a great meal.  No entrance fee.  No reservations.
Come as you are!

Bring your entire family or make it a date night.
Have a
great New Orleans meal for a great price to benefit the cause for LIFE,
and visit with BDF’s President Nikolas T. Nikas along with
New Orleans’ own Dorinda Bordlee and
Monique Colon Toso

WhenTuesday, December 8
Eat and Drink anytime between 4pm and 11pm.

WhereYe Olde College Inn
3000 S. Carrollton Ave., New Orleans, La.  70118

What:  Ye Olde College Inn is benefiting the pro-life legal work of BDF by donating 20% of every meal and drink sold between 4pm and 11pm on Tuesday, December 8!

No need to make reservations — just meet us at the College Inn next Tuesday!
(faster seating between 4-6 pm)

Mark Your Calendars for Tuesday, December 8
Invite your friends for a fun New Orleans Night for Life!


5 thoughts on “Restaurant donates proceeds, but does it give notice?

    • i think that john blancher makes ill-informed on issues, he believes ridiculous conspiracy theories about Obama and he believes in news crap that spews from Faux News. he is also overly ridiculously religious, so he believes every word in the Bible and his favorite thing is to blend politics and Biblical scripture and Tea Party ideology. He might be a nice guy, but his religion and politics have gotten the better of him.

  1. To a degree having an evening to support BDF is no different than dining out to support NO-AIDS task force. For me the challenge lies in whether there will be signage to inform the consumer the cause her monies will be supporting. That said, being more than moderately pro-choice, my patronage of the establishments owned by the Blanchar family has just ended. Can not in good conscience support a business who contributes to a cause so profoundly in opposition to my core beliefs.

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