Happy Birthday, Maid of Orleans

St. Joan of Arc statue, Decatur Street

(Photo by NOGoddess.)

Today is a special day ~ it’s the Epiphany, St. Joan of Arc’s 598th birthday and the first official day that New Orleanians can safely eat King Cake with approval. (Go for it, Amanda!) Tonight will mark the first of the parades of Carnival season in New Orleans including the 2nd annual St. Joan of Arc parade which begins on Conti and ends at the St. Joan statue on Decatur.

This year the parade will be lead by a local young woman, the winner of The Krewe de Jeanne d’Arc’s contest for French-speaking students. The young woman’s identity is unknown and will be revealed at parade-time. At the end of the parade revelers will celebrate St. Joan’s birth with a party at the foot of her statue.


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