Our City, Our Town – Finish Strong Or Brett, Who?

I have a confession to make. I’m from Wisconsin, two hours from the Minnesota border.  I was born there and spent my life there until a few years ago when I packed up my car with all the essentials (music, books, clothes and my mister) and drove 1,200 miles to start my life in the Big Easy.

So, I know all about Brett Favre and how people LOVE Brett Favre and how Brett Favre is treated like the 21st century messiah by the city he happens to be playing for. Well, except maybe in New York. I get it. I do. And, because I am from up North, I’ve heard my fair share of trash talking from friends (and friends of friends and friends of friends of friends)  still there.  Being from Wisconsin, Viking fans were always annoying, but their smugness over Favre Almighty or Purple Jesus – what they like to call him up there – it  has gotten much more difficult to take.  Honestly, if I hear one more  reference to the Superdome being the place of Favre’s Superbowl win, equating this game to that, I cannot be  held accountable for my actions.  I hated it growing up and I especially hate it now, when the story of Favre’s play-off game at 40 is beginning to over-shadow the talent and skill held by a  younger, much more grounded Drew Brees.

Screw ’em.

Brett Favre has become the equivalent to Marsha Brady, but Drew Brees ain’t no Jan. He’s the person that makes people forget Marsha Brady and after Sunday, my hope is that when Favre’s name is brought up, people will say, “Favre, who? Oh THAT guy.”

I realize I should cut Favre a little slack, even he as admitted to being a Saints fan, but I can’t.

I look at retirement/not retirement shenanigans and am just sort of appalled.

The whole way he was signed to the Vikings, is shady.

I think to the interview he did a few weeks ago with Chris Collinsworth, foreshadowing another retirement if the Vikings take the Superbowl.

I think about the temper tantrum he threw on the sidelines during the Panthers game, disrespecting his coach and his team on national television – and simply not caring, because he is Favre and doncha know Favre knows best?

I do know a few things:

1. The Saints are playing better than they ever have. It’s not just their offense, its defense AND special teams. They are rested. Those that were hurt are healthy and Lord, whoever lit the fire under Reggie’s behind – THANK YOU.

2. Drew Brees is a force. Don’t underestimate what he can do. Have you seen the Sports Science video that demonstrates the amount of skill and talent that this man has? And, on top of that, he’s a stand-up guy. He lives in this city. He’s one of us.  He gives back to this city in so many ways – they all do – but when Brees talks about New Orleans, you know he is talking about home.

3. It’s not just a team here, it’s our family.  When you talk trash about our city, our team or our players, we take it personal. You are talking about our home. You are talking about our brothers or sons. We are protective of each other. We look out for each other. We live large, love big and laugh often – despite hardship or maybe because of them.  Down here, even if you aren’t born in New Orleans, New Orleans is born in you.  The Superdome is our collective home, where we share stories, become acquainted with lost relatives and share memories.  Many of the city experienced tragedy there that no one can really understand unless you were there. The Superdome will no longer be a symbol of what went wrong, but an icon of what went right. This is our city. This is our town. They are our team.

I think the song and video below sums it up best:


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