Katy Reckdahl Talks to Treme Residents

Here we are the day before the big event and I find what I asked for in my last post: the voices of actual Treme residents, thanks to the Times-Picayune’s Katy Reckdahl. Of course it took a local to go to the source of the story.

“On Sunday, the historically rich neighborhood will be propelled to national fame by the HBO series, “Treme.” And while some say that the countless New Orleans musicians and streetscapes portrayed in the series can only boost the fortune of the neighborhood, others worry that it could accelerate its gentrification, making Treme too glamorous for the musician families who made it famous: people with last names like Batiste, Andrews and Jones.”

We hear from Sylvester Francis who runs the Backstreet Cultural Museum, Louis Charbonnet whose family- run funeral home has been in the neighborhood for 125 years and Treme Brass Band grand marshal Oswald Jones. Link here.

Two more pieces that chat with locals are Meet the real New Orleanians who inspired the characters in HBO’s ‘Treme’ on Nola.com and “Q & A with ‘Treme’ star Wendell Pierce: ‘Characters are fictional, the culture is not'” on The Grio.com.

I’ll be posting more pieces quoting Treme residents and locals as they cross my path. Go forth and read.


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