Go Ye To Gentilly For Theatre

In celebration of 15 years of making original theater in New Orleans, ArtSpot Productions – co-producers of last fall’s award-winning theatrical experience Loup Garou – proudly announces their newest performance, Go Ye Therefore… Part theater, part revival, part pilgrimage, this theatrical baptism takes place Thursdays through Sundays from May 14 through June 6 at 5168 St. Roch Avenue in Gentilly, a pastoral have of creativity and community in the midst of a rebuilding neighborhood. Free food and post-performance discussions follow each Friday night performance. All are welcome, but because seating is limited, reservations are required. (Sunday, May 30 is Pay-What-You-Can night.  No reservations please.)

Go Ye Therefore… is a story about two southern women, one white, one black, both daughters and granddaughters of Southern Baptist preachers. Rooted in different racial and cultural worship traditions, Kathy Randels and Rebecca Mwase trouble the waters of their Baptist upbringings in search of spirituality’s truth, and revel in the unifying joy of song as they explore the Bible, Baptist history, and the tenuous relationship between the missionary and the native.

Directed by Ashley Sparks, designed by Jeff Becker, with music by Emanuel Burke, costumes by Laura Sirkin-Brown, and choreography by Monique Moss. Script architect: Lisa Shattuck. Stage manager: Rebecca McLaughlin.

Click HERE to visit ArtSpot’s website and reserve tickets.

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