The Forgotten Eleven of Deepwater Horizon

I’ve been wondering lately… what with all the press about the oil disaster, I must have missed the stories about the 11 men who were killed in the Deepwater Horizon explosion. Somehow, even though I have a google alert dedicated to “Deepwater Horizon”, I’ve missed the tributes, the memorials, the outrage of these deaths.

Or have I? The Washington Post has a story in today’s paper, including a photo gallery, about The Forgotten Eleven. An exerpt:

“But in a string of towns that ring the gulf, where men leave home for weeks at a time to work good jobs with good benefits miles offshore, the families of the victims struggle, and not just with grief. Loved ones are trying to come to terms not just with lives lost, and no bodies to recover, but with what feels like the country’s collective skipping from dead to gone. There was no national pause to honor the victims, like the one for the 29 West Virginia coal miners who died last month, though both miners and riggers work to fuel the country.”

Read it all here and think about the fact that this could happen to your husband, your brother, your wife, your sister, your child, your friend unless more stringent safety measures are enforced on every drilling and production platform offshore and on.

Update: A thoughtful article from New York News Today, For oil rig workers, risk comes with paychecks.

One thought on “The Forgotten Eleven of Deepwater Horizon

  1. BP, your doing an excellent job. Including multiple interventions. My company has supplied Riser Torque Wrenches since 1984 and we admire your efforts.

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