BP & NOAA Coving Up Magnitude of Wildlife Deaths?

Update: I wrote this post last night. The video I talk about is now up on YouTube – here it is:

I just watched this story on Countdown with Keith Olbermann and I am incensed. Marine toxocologist Rikki Ott tells of eyewitnesses who claim people are “appearing” in the dark of night taking away carcasses of various sea life washing on shore.  She claims there are way more wildlife casualties than we are being told. and says “I’ve been able to get pictures of BP raking up bird carcasses and separating heads from bodies.” Allegedly cameras and cell phones are banned by BP representatives (who are implementing metal detectors) even though these are public beaches. In addition, oil spill workers and residents are reporting increasingly more health affects attributed to the oil such as skin rashes, burning throats and watering eyes.

Click here to hear this appalling report.


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