Huffington Post Promoting Blatant Lie About “Oil Rain”

From Dambala:

it’s really amazing. I tried and tried to comment on that post that this story is bullshit and they “curated” my comments 3 times. It’s like a radio host yelling over a phone caller who disagrees with him…except you can’t even get through.

He’s talking about this post on The Huffington Post with attached video of so-called oil rain by some unknown bubba who, it appears, is desperate to be in the media. It’s not a big stretch to figure out someone changed their car oil and dumped it in the storm drain. Obviously, HuffPo will post anything that screams “OIL SPILL” to get hits. This is one woman who will not be hitting HuffPo again until they allow opposing opinion and publish a retraction. Unfortunately, that includes local writers who publish there as well.


6 thoughts on “Huffington Post Promoting Blatant Lie About “Oil Rain”

  1. I thought that this was a hoax and commented as such when I posted it on FB. However, I think some people believed it. Someone posted that there was a leaking truck on the block. Hysteria is rampant!

  2. “Unknown bubba” – now that’s hilarious. Exactly what I thought when I watched the video. I’ll give it a try on the Huff and see what happens.

  3. This was in that post and has sussed out:
    Yada Yada “Crude Oil dosn’t evaporate”. Well no just sitting in a jar.
    This oil is under Special Circumstances, not sitting in a jar, Not completely burned off.
    Furthermore, it is emulsified by salt water and much thinned by dispersant (in itself a grave concern).
    Most smoke plumes from these incomplete burn-offs reach 5ooo feet, that puts this stuff directly into the weather column.
    So Don’t kid yourselves about the Heavy Weather, forget the bubbhas (after we do the rage thing:) and help me understand the chemistry of what is going on in the Gulf.
    Yes I understand stopping misinformation, but your more effective target would be the editorial board of Now there are some slyin BP kissin’hubahubas!

    • The latest from the link you posted: “According to a statement issued to Jalopnik from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, “EPA has no data, information or scientific basis that suggests that oil mixed with dispersant could possibly evaporate from the Gulf into the water cycle.”

      First off, it was extremely negligent of HuffPo to publish that anon video along with the thinly veiled hysterical statement: “This shocking video shows what appears to be the aftermath of oily rain, filmed in River Ridge — just outside New Orleans. ”
      There is absolutely no basis in fact that what was seen on the video was the result of “oily rain”. They did not contact a chemist or scientist of any kind to verify if it’s even possible. They are, quite simply, fueling hysteria and misinformation that we in Louisiana don’t need to deal with right now. This is the kind of bullshit that can affect our economy (tourism) because people will believe it simply because HuffPo printed it.

      All that needs to be done to settle this once and for all is to have a sample of the oil from the storm drain analyzed and compared to the oil from Deepwater Horizon. If you can’t do that then stop perpetuating myths.

      • BUBBA might be a hoax ,but there is oil in my plant water in backyard,,,,,and nobody has been changing there oil in my garden….its oil!…and it is from the rain!

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