60 DAYS 2 YEAR 5: A Photographic Journey

Piety Street, Bywater

Today marks 60 days until August 29, 2010, the five-year anniversary of the failure of the federally built levees in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. And today is the first post of a last minute brainstorm of mine to post a home a day that still bears the “X” made by first responders searching the city for survivors. And, yes, here we are five years later with plenty of homes that still bear the X. Each house, each X represents a home where people lived, loved, laughed and cried in safety. August 29, 2005 shattered that feeling of safety forever. Some of the people and families who lived in these X-marked homes, and others, are still displaced, some have resigned themselves to living in other towns & cities and some just cannot bear to return. Other homes are filled once again with the sounds of life. Every home has a story to tell and if you really look and really listen, you will hear it.

Visit us daily as we depict the state of New Orleans neighborhoods in the 5th year post-Katrina.

I took the photo on Piety Street above (original snapshot here) and was doing some creative editing on it Monday night when this idea came to me. I’m hoping this will evolve into a community effort in homage to those who lost so much and I’m inviting you to send in your photos of X-marked homes as well as other homes & neighborhoods still in the process of rebuilding to be published here. If you’re interested in participating, please email your photo with the street name and a link to your website, if you have one, to nolafemmes at gmail dot com and put “Photo Journey” in the subject line.

(By clicking on “Katrina Photo Project” in the header you can see all contributing photos or just click here.)


12 thoughts on “60 DAYS 2 YEAR 5: A Photographic Journey

  1. Thanks Charlotte for bringing us this project. As a fellow artist/photographer I wonder if you might consider having a gallery/slideshow of the all the photos from this photo journey so you could see them one after another. I imagine this would amp up the power of your vision to see house after house with the government X branding. Just an idea…keep up the good work.

    • That’s a good idea, Peter. Maybe I’ll do that on the last day of the journey. Thanks for the suggestion!

  2. Hey Charlotte, I absolutely agree with Peter! I am putting together a short art exhibit for a small convention of social activists in September and was wondering if you wouldn’t be interested? If so, or if you know of anyone who might be interested, please let me know. Thanks so much, Kat

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