Sick ‘n Tired of the Victim Role

News tonight is that no oil is leaking after placement of the new cap and  blow out preventer on Deepwater Horizon. Now it’s time to wait and watch and hope the pressure in the well remains stable and no more  leaks develope. I, for one, am praying hard that this will work and that, once the relief wells are engaged, we will see the end of this prolonged disaster in our gulf. Yes, we’ll still have a long road to clean up BP’s mess but give us the tools and we can do it. Louisianans are no strangers to hard work and we’ll do what has to be done. Our home is just that precious to us.

I’ll tell you straight up that I am damn sick and tired of being a victim of the incompetence and negligence of others. I lived through the breach of the federally built levees in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina – thanks Army Corps of Engineers – and now (almost) through the pollution of our waters and near-eradication of a way-of-life due to the Deepwater Horizon explosion – thanks BP.

The people of Southeast Louisiana are a tough and resilient tribe but, dammit, we’ve had more than our share in the last five years.



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