A Well Raised Southern Girl Always Says Her Thank You’s

Roots Run Deep Here

Photo by Maringouin

My mamma raised me right so I want to let everyone know formally (wink!) who supported, tweeted, linked to, talked about and shared our Katrina Photo Project how much I appreciate y’all. I think it turned out well and received a lot of good buzz considering it was a last-minute brainchild born of an impulsive mother. I want to say a special thanks to my sister NOLAFemme, Maringouin, for jumping in and saving my ass when I was feeling overwhelmed & wondering why I thought I could get and post 60 days worth of photographs. Well. Shows what I know – I ended up with way more than 60 days worth thanks to the photographers who contributed to this project and I got some posting breaks thanks to Maringouin. But I have to tell ya, it was a little nerve-wracking in the beginning.

Luv, luv, luv to the following people who contributed photos and helped make this a community effort:
Chris Lorenzen
Geovanni Velasquez
Stephani Leff
Julia Pretus
Laura Bergerol
Rex Dingler
Valentine Pierce
The Preservation Resource Center
Edward Branley
Greg Rhoades

Huge thanks to those who shared our project with their readers:

Liprap’s Lament – The Line

What I Saw Riding My Bike Around Today

On Transmigration here and here and here

Project NOLA

Humid Beings

The Times Picayune/NOLA.com (Special thanks to Terri Troncale)

and special thanks to a true friend, Editilla of New Orleans Ladder who posted a link to us every single day of the project. You can’t buy support like that.

Big Twitter hugs to everyone who tweeted us – and there were many. I know I’m missing many of you (due to my disorganization–I should have made notes as we went along.) but I do want to recognize the most prolific Tweeters:

As the voice of NOLAFemmes on Twitter, I made many new friends and contacts during this time. If I can stay focused *cough* I want to highlight some of you in future posts here. Again, I need to backtrack to get everyone’s info but here are a few who stood out because they repeatedly showed us the NOLAFemmes luv:

The Moxie Bee
Estudio Martita

Bayou Girl

Metry Chick

Special thanks to The Moxie Bee and Metry Chick for posting our badge on their websites!

I wish I had kept notes during the 60 days of this project so I wouldn’t have left anyone out. But, duh, that’s me.
However, please know how much it means that each and every one of you read and supported this effort. It was our intention to spotlight NOLA neighborhoods in the five years post-federal flood and not only the homes and hoods still in disarray and disrepair but also the ones that have come back stronger than ever. I hope in our small way, we did that.


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