Dona Nobis Pacem

Today is Blog Blast for Peace Day which was started by Mimi Lenox in 2006 and has been growing every year since. The idea is to write a blog post about peace incorporating the icon for the blast which is a globe. Mimi provides a variety of templates for the participants to choose from to create their own personalized peace globe, as I’ve done above.

I chose the quote by Indira Gandhi on my globe because it’s as meaningful today as the day she spoke it in 1968. This is not a typical post about peace. You’ll find no poets or songwriters dreams quoted here.

Today, like then, we are in the midst of fighting a war in a foreign land while people in our own country are in need. Our country is in dire economic straits because of the huge amounts of money that have been spent on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Meanwhile, people in our own country have been held hostage by big insurance companies that take our money but deny us coverage or drop us when we need it most, our education ranking is near the bottom when compared with 30 other countries in the world, families are losing their homes at an unprecedented rate and the numbers of women and children living in poverty are increasing.
Add to that social issues such as the rampant bullying of gays resulting in a plague of teen suicides and the rise of what I think of as “convenient Christians”* who are engaging in fear tactics and blatant lies to advance their political power in this country and peace seems an unattainable goal.

Where does an average American woman look for peace?

She looks to  herself, her family and her friends. She lives her life being as good a person as she can be which includes empathy for others including those unlike herself. She listens and tries to understand another’s point of view and she doesn’t condemn  those who think differently. She cultivates peace within herself. And she hopes with all her being the people in this country will wake up and realize that peace begins with each one of us.

*Convenient Christians claim to follow the teachings of Jesus when it furthers their own goals.

Originally published 11/4/10 on TravelingMermaid.


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