MVB – Most Valuable Burger

Hi everybody. You don’t know me yet, but you will soon enough as I’ll occasionally be writing posts here at NolaFemmes. My regular home is over here. I don’t usually write much about food, but I’m always taken with unique New Orleans experiences, so here we go.

For my first post, I thought I’d write about MVB – Most Valuable Burger. It’s a pop-up restaurant that takes over Slim Goodie’s on Sundays starting at 5 p.m. So, if you’ve driven by Slim’s on a Sunday during the last few months and noticed a crazy long line outside, this is exactly why.

A pop-up restaurant (and I didn’t know this until recently) is one that operates when another, more established restaurant is regularly closed. It saves on a lot of costs so that new ventures can build a following and experiment with their menus.

But this is what I know. I am a fan of MVB after eating there last Sunday. I plan to eat there often while it’s operating in Slim Goodie’s and I would definitely frequent any place they open on their own. Let me tell you why.

My friend Jamey and I decided to mosey on over to Slim’s to check MVB out. We got there about 5:15, which we both knew was pretty dumb, considering we’d seen the line there before. And there was a line, a long one. It got a tiny bit shorter when it started to rain, but most people held their ground. They were determined, as we were. The fine folks of MVB passed a basket of fries down the line to thank us while we waited and to tantalize us as well. Actually, they sent two basket of fries down the line while Jamey and I were waiting. The fries were amazing – I heard several people say, “Well I definitely can’t leave after that.”

It’s BYOB, as several people clearly already knew – they came prepared. Next time, I might grab a Strawberry Abita or two to take with me.

So, we got a table at about 6 p.m. I was starving by then, but excited to try out the menu. And I’ll hand this to the staff – they were entirely conscious of the line outside and were moving fast, but they never made us feel rushed once we got our table, which I really appreciated.

The menu was simple and absolutely overwhelming. Apparently, there are new additions every week. I’d seen a Tweet earlier in the day from MVB about the salted caramel shakes, so I already knew I was ordering that.

The only thing that can cure this Vegas hangover is a pimento cheese burger and a salted caramel shake. See you all at 5:00. 12:22 PM Jan 30th

They have a deal – $13 for a burger and fries and a shake, so that was that. Jamey also got the deal, but got a vanilla shake rather than the crazy fancy special shake like me. Our shakes were incredible (especially mine). I’m going to be really sad if it’s not available next time, but who knows what they’ll have instead?

Our food arrived pretty quickly and was absolutely incredible. The burger was one of the best I’ve ever eaten – flavored just right and juicy. The bun, which I learned is a potato bun from Maple St. Patisserie, was the perfect touch. And the fries were just as good as our tantalizing taste outside — soft, salty skinny fries with a nice bite to them. Everything was both gourmet and simple, decadent and no-nonsense. What an amazing contradiction.

The lagniappe at the end was the perfect touch. I won’t spoil what it is, but I promise it is absolutely divine. I was stuffed, but I made room without hesitation.

MVP won’t be operating again till the 13th, but I definitely suggest you go. Get there early, as they stop serving when they’re sold out. As this Tweet attests from last Sunday, that can happen in a matter of hours:

Sold out. 8:47 PM Jan 30th

MVP is perfect for a night when you’re feeling like having an adventure in dining. Bring your beer of choice, your favorite dining companion (though I’d caution against large groups because seating could be tough), and — most importantly — your appetite.

6 thoughts on “MVB – Most Valuable Burger

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  2. Great review Em! Shelby and I are going to try to check it out next weekend – yay! I’ll have to see what I think about the salted caramel shake vs. GG’s bacon sundae ….

  3. @Judyb: Glad to do it. Maybe you’ll let us know here in the comments how your MVB experience goes?

    @Jamie: Me too! I’m so tickled by the idea of pop-up restaurants. I want to try about the other one I’ve been hearing about, somewhere in the 9th Ward, I believe. Or the Marigny.

    @Terri: I’ll go with you! If you want company, let me know. If not, enjoy. 🙂

  4. @Everyone, as a P.S. I’ve been to MVB two times since I wrote this post and it’s been a fantastic experience each time. Yesterday’s special shake was the Reese’s with a Spoon (peanut butter, yum). You should follow MVB on Twitter to get updates on what the weekly special burger/shake is. I warn you though, it’s hard to resist…

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