Bats & Mold & Apathy, Oh My!

I had a dream last night that bats had infested my house. They were hanging from the ceiling and flying around freaking out my pets while I was trying to call my husband (who was MIA) on the phone and I, of course, was having all sorts of strange, obnoxious trouble making the call as is the norm in an anxiety dream.
Then on the noon news I saw this:

Students protest bats inside McDonogh 35

(Click to see the video.)

Which all brought up thoughts of the three years I worked in an old building on the NOAH campus with mold growing all over the ceilings and walls, toilets that flushed up (that was special) and rats jumping out at unsuspecting co-workers. It amazed me that humans were expected to work under these conditions and, in fact, still do. Neither adults nor children should be subjected to such third world conditions and be expected to keep their mouths shut. The advantage these kids had in protesting their situation over the adults working in that building is that the kids don’t have to worry about retribution for speaking out. Fear of retribution will make one keep one’s mouth shut about substandard conditions when one has a family to support and bills to pay. The sad thing is, I suspect the same thing will be done at McDonogh 35 that was done at NOAH. Nothing.

Anyway, I think all this bat business and speaking out is due to the Leo full moon tonight urging us to say what needs to be said, according to Lynda Hill. (Thanks to Tammy Vitale for the link.)

“All in all, this full Moon seems to be pushing us to move, change, speak up and lay things on the line. A strong challenge is presented here between the old and the new on many levels. It’s a powerful time with all that’s going on in the world right now.”

Isn’t that the truth.



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