Passion Equals Action

Let me introduce myself. My name is Shercole and I’m born, raised and educated in good ole New Orleans. I have strong love/hate relationship with this city but overall an undying passion. No matter where I go, there is still nowhere like New Orleans for the good and bad. The food, people, culture, and the plain creativity you can find throughout the city. Where else can I go and meet random people and have a conversation with as if we been best friends my whole life? Where else can I see people with such imagination and creating things beyond your wildest dreams just at local street festivals?

This city has so much to offer us. Something I often ask myself that I hope you will consider asking yourself is what is it that you give to the city that continues to give to you?  What can you offer? What talent can be utilized to help in making my city better?

In my heart, I feel all us ladies have a special gift that we may or may not be utilizing.  It could be coordination or management skills, or maybe even artistic, but somewhere inside of us all there is some type of gift. Why not use that gift/talent to help your community in some small or big way. It can mean helping an elderly neighbor out, maybe even starting a garden, or it could be you just volunteering and attending city meetings. Whatever it is just be active and don’t just sit on the side line waiting for something to happen. Start making something happen. No matter how small ones action may be, they all can make a huge impact in the end.


  • Join your local neighborhood association, make your voice heard.
  • Volunteer at one of your favorite non profits in the city.
  • Coordinate a project in your part of time to help clean up.
  • Join a local organization and get active on a cause.
  • Go green in your home and educate your neighborhood.
  • Vow to shop local as much as possible, encourage others.

Be creative and find something best for you.


Shercole  blogs at Minority Weirdos and and is one of NOLA’s most prolific and entertaining Tweeters.

3 thoughts on “Passion Equals Action

  1. Nice to “meet” you Shercole. I couldn’t agree more, there is NO place like New Orleans. Although I don’t live in the city, I sure do a lot of shopping locally there!!

  2. “Where else can I go and meet random people and have a conversation with as if we been best friends my whole life? “—

    I hear you. When this happens Anywhere Else, USA, we call it a “New Orleans Moment”.

    We’ll be there in late March to volunteer for one of our favorite non-profits. I’m really looking forward to it.

  3. Judy B, nice meeting you as well!! Glad you like to shop here! some good buys. I love to eat lol.

    dallison. Thats great! hope you enjoy your volunteer experience.

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