Praying the Mississippi River spares us

The Mississippi River is swelling southward – powers that be are even contemplating opening the Morganza Spillway, first time since 1973.

Here’s hoping that the river spares us and the levees hold up in southeast Louisiana. We don’t need a 3rd catastrophe to happen…

(Picture recently taken at Tom Lee riverside park in Memphis, Tennessee, photographer unknown)

(Memphis, Tennessee)


5 thoughts on “Praying the Mississippi River spares us

  1. prayers for Morgan City and Berwick would be more appropriate. The combination of opening Bonnet Carre and Morganza should lower the gauge at Carrollton enough that New Orleans can breathe easy, but not without a price. Opening Morganza sends the river water into the Atchafalaya flood plain, and too much of that threatens Morgan City in a big way.

  2. Two of the links in the post point to the effects of flooding the Atchafalaya Basin, hence the reference to southeast Louisiana instead of New Orleans specifically – we are all affected…

  3. Praying that anyone and everyone affected by this is safe. I really like that first picture. It’s scary but intriguing.

  4. I was curious about the park and the sculptures and found this tidbit:
    “The park is named after Tom Lee, an African-American riverworker, who saved the lives of 32 passengers of the sinking steamboat M.E. Norman in 1925.”

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