Femme Fatale Friday: Lindsay Rae Spurlock

I recently discovered Lindsay Rae Spurlock and her music when Emilie mentioned her in her Bragalicious post here. I listened to Lindsay’s tune “As For Now” and was blown away by it. I thought “I have to find out more  and share her with our readers!” So……here she is, our newest Femme Fatale Friday.

Are you a native Louisianan?

Yep! I was born in Lafayette, moved around with my dad while he worked in radio (a radio brat, so to speak), then moved back to Louisiana (Baton Rouge) from Middle school through college (LSU)… spent lots of time in Nola. Then after I graduated I moved to Atlanta, GA, then NYC, then Austin, now Los Angeles… all in pursuit of this music career. I will always consider Louisiana home!

Did you write all of the tunes on “Heart On”?


How long have you been performing and what is your earliest memory of performing before a group ?

I have been performing my own tunes live for about 12 years. I performed/acted in musicals and plays throughout my schooling years. I started writing my own songs with guitar when I was 16 years old.  I was driving by a pub in Baton Rouge, LA called Tony’s Tavern and noticed a large ” open mic night tonight!” sign in the window. So I turned around, went in, barely old enough to enter this joint,  but confidently inquired about the process to sign up.Then came back later that night, invited tons of friends, and it was the most exhilarating rush being on that stage performing my own material. This was the first time I played my own music, solo, before a group.

Tell us about some of the television shows that have featured your music and how that came about.

Some of the television shows include; MTV’s Real World (3 different seasons)-My tune “November” played at the season finale of the Brooklyn season as everyone was saying their goodbyes….you know when they say the goodbye and act sad and cry, but are secretly glad because all they did was talk about each other anyway behind their backs… My tune “You Have My Heart” played on this same season, as well. “November” played on another episode in the Washington DC Season. NBC’s sitcom novella “Watch Over Me”- Tune: “November” played at the season finale of this show as well as a final sort of emotional goodbye, when a husbands new wife dies from being poisoned by the “bad guy”… touching. hehe  Also the latest placement was on the 3rd season premiere of Adult Swim’s “Children’s Hospital” with my tune “As For Now” playing in the end credits. Super good placement! Got a lot of momentum from this one. I have an upcoming placement in Felicity too! I’ve had some placements in the show Bad Girls Club and also overseas, in different foreign films and such. My tunes play in various stores across the nation too: Barney’s, Neimen Marcus, Aeropostale, Bonefish Grill, (Bonefish did a compilation with my tune “You Have My Heart” and mailed it out with promo and coupons across the nation) Outback Steakhouse, Charlotte Russe, etc…

How this came about: music soups (music supervisors) found me online or through people and contacted me. Also how I got signed now with a music placement company based out of the UK called AG Sync, who now has offices here in Hollywood and New York.

What inspires you as a songwriter?


Tell us a little about your writing process. Do you have any rituals, a special place where you write, does the melody or the lyrics come first…..etc.

The melody and lyrics usually come at the same time. I sit down at the piano and just start. Usually whatever is on my mind will just start manifesting itself into song.

What kind of music do you listen to? Who are some of your faves?

I like all kinds of music. Love music with good melodic lines, both vocally and instrumentally driven.

I grew up listening to a lot of queen with my dad. Love queen. I think Freddie Mercury’s voice is the best male vocalist I’ve heard.

I really admire musicians who can pull it off live, sans any pitch correction on the vocals.

Love electronic stuff! Love Bjork. Love Animal Collective (in fact my producer did Animal Collective’s “Post Meriwhether Pavillion” album. and Gnarls Barkley’s “St Elsewhere” album….maybe i mentioned this. love his work)

Loved the cranberries

Love Death Cab

Love Aphex Twin’s instrumental pieces “Rhubarb” and “Lichen”…..these are my favorite synth pad pieces and evoke lots of emotion. lots.

There are more… listed on my myspace/FB pages.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

Conquering a greater portion of the world with my music. Playing bigger stages!

I have no doubt Lindsay’s going to be kickin it for years to come.  For more scoop on what she’s up to, check out these links:

Lindsay’s My Space

Lindsay’s FaceBook

Listen to Lindsay’s song “As For Now” and download it free here.

4 thoughts on “Femme Fatale Friday: Lindsay Rae Spurlock

  1. Charlotte, this rocks! I’m glad you interviewed Lindsay for Femme Fatale Friday. She’s been inspiring me for a decade, since I met her through friends in college. She was the first person to introduce me to Imogen Heap’s music. I still remember riding around in her car in Atlanta and her saying, “I’m crazy about this lately,” and pushing in the “Speak for Yourself” cd. Magic, just like Lindsay and her voice. If you get a chance to see her life, DO IT! 🙂

  2. Thanks for commenting, Val, and so glad you enjoyed reading about Lindsay.

    Emilie, thank YOU for introducing us to her via your post. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that she’ll fit NOLA into her schedule soon.

    Joel>>>>Jealous! Thanks for stopping by.

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