It’s a Shultzilla/NOLAFemmes Holiday Give-away!

NOLA’s own Shultzilla is sponsering a give-away to help us  say “Happy Holidays” to all our readers with a chance to win one of  their awesome “Make Groceries, Not War” totes!

**To enter leave a comment on this post.**

-For additional entries, follow this blog (via email subscription option in the sidebar) & mention this Giveaway on your blog or on Twitter (@NOLAFemmes) and let me know you did in a separate comment.

Three winners will be drawn and announced here on Monday, December 12 via a research randomizer site unless I can’t figure it out then it will  be done the old fashioned way. It couldn’t be any easier so get your fingers movin’!

Happy Holidays!

~ ~ ~

Girl designer Aimée Shultz and boy designer Jeremy Miller, both New Orleans natives, combined ideas, money and last names. The result – Shultzilla. This talented duo yields sharp wit, keen design sense and the drive to be really, really awesome.

So just how did Shultzilla come to be, you wonder? Jeremy grew up in Metry and I grew up in Chalmette. We met in Baton Rouge while attending LSU and ten years later, Shultzilla was born. Both designers by trade (and just really awesome people all around), we both wanted to express ourselves in a way that we couldn’t really do at our normal day jobs. We wanted to find a hobby that would allow us to be edgy as well as express our sense of humor because believe it or not, we love to laugh and we love making others laugh as well.

We recently launched the first few items of our new children’s line, which includes onesies, children’s tees, and bibs. Our new baby items along with our other products can be found at

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