I’ll Have My Cake…and Eat It, Too!

It’s about that time of year. King cake season. The king cake represents the journey that the three wise men took to meet Baby Jesus in Bethlehem several days after He was born. Supposedly (according to Wikipedia) for us New Orleanians, the king cake season should last from January 6 (also known as Kings Day or Epiphany) through Mardi Gras Day. It seems, though, that this ‘season’ is beginning earlier and earlier every year.

And you know what–I don’t mind that one bit. Often times, in the Greater New Orleans area, you will find king cakes at holiday parties. Heck, I had some king cake this past Friday night at a friend’s Christmas party! At some bakeries around the city, you can even get king cakes year-round. Which just delights me to no end!

I love king cake. Especially from Randazzo’s. And there are many, many others around the world that appreciate heaven baked to perfection. I also realize not everyone appreciates having access to bites of happiness all year-round. I was raised as a Catholic, attending Catholic school from age 5-18, but don’t mind this little ‘tradition’ being extended. Though spiritual, I’m not really a practicing Catholic anymore.

I’m curious to know how others feel about this topic…do you want your cake and will you eat it, too, but only between January 6 and Mardi Gras of each year OR do you want your cake and will you eat it forever and ever Amen?!


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