Compromise – is it worth it?

I’m up in rural Mississippi visiting family. I’m sitting in a room lit up by the sunshine streaming through the window and listening to the lilt of wind chimes right outside. It’s calm and quiet and I’m loving it. It makes me wonder why I live in a city full of noise, long lines everywhere you go and the daily count of dead bodies  by murder when I could be living where the pace of life is relaxed, coming and going is pleasantly easy and the only people who die violently are car accident victims. And that’s fairly rare. But, it’s only Tuesday – I’ve only been here three days – and usually by about the fifth or sixth day I’m missing the vibrancy, the color, the music, the culture, the life of the city. Nothing is perfect in this world and oftentimes we have to accept compromise in deciding our life’s path. Lately, however, I find myself so incredibly angry and saddend by the unrelenting pace of murder in our city, especially when it involves children, and I think about how it wears on one’s psyche and whether it’s worth being exposed to that every day for the other more beautiful aspects of life in the city. I can’t even imagine being a parent and raising a child here and the worry they must live with everyday.

It’ll be interesting to see how I feel on the fifth day this time.

3 thoughts on “Compromise – is it worth it?

  1. I have been feeling the same way lately. The years keep rolling by and the killings just keep getting worse. I love this city dearly but logic does begin to override emotion. I do have children, all grown now, but age doesn’t make one safe. Not in these streets. Truth is, I think I worry more now than I did when they were young.
    I hate to say this, but if you really want to scare yourself, take a look at the number of rapes that happen per year in Orleans Parish alone. It is not something that is advertised and I literally had no clue until I recently came upon the info. Essentially there is 1 (reported) rape every other day and all too often it is in complete daylight.

  2. Oh Charlotte,
    I moved back to Nola last March,after having moved to San Francisco directly after the storm.
    I agree with nolainvestments post,I love the city dearly but…
    I felt that I had to move to Metairie to be safer,I long for the Uptown area or Esplanade Ridge…City Park however I am simply put “terrified” of the crime,not that Metairie is free of this but it is a bit milder.
    I am having to move in six months and am at a loss of which area I could be happy and safe in,the daily headlines are seared into my brain. I scan the area for a great,safe neighborhood to no avail!!
    What really gets to me is that we are seemingly held hostage to this arena of crime,I work in the wedding event industry and my work takes me to all corners of the city with late is scary out there!!
    Lets keep the faith in the better part of mankind ~
    All my best to you as you enjoy the sounds of peacefullness!!

  3. Mississippi. Where my grandmother was from—whose sis moved to New Orleans. Where my great-grandfather was from and then worked for both railroad and theatre in New Orleans. Maternal and paternal, in that order.

    As much as I love, in all caps, this beautiful, cultural mecca…it is a comfort to know that my kids are rooted in a place not quite so frightening. But like you, the time comes when I miss the vibrancy, the color, the music, the culture, the life…

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