Do You Know About FEAST NOLA?

FEAST NOLA is a community dinner that unites creative, civic-minded individuals to invest in ideas and inspire action. During dinner, a selected group of artists, activists, and social entrepreneurs present creative projects that will engage the local community. At the end of the dinner, everyone votes on his or her favorite proposal; the night’s proceeds go to making the winning proposal a reality. This team is held accountable to the FEAST NOLA community by providing an update at the next dinner, allowing FEAST NOLA to have a continual and cyclical effect on community empowerment.

The next FEAST NOLA will be held at the Marigny Opera House on Sunday, May 20th at 6:00pm. Dinner will be brought to you by the fine folks of PPX.

So join us! Meet people, dine with them, and bring your big ideas! There are three ways you can get involved: 1) Submit a proposal; 2) Attend the dinner. You can get more information on the proposal submission process and buy your FEAST NOLA tickets at Finally you can help make this a success by spreading the word! Direct a friend to our website, and tell them to tell a friend as well.
Got questions? Shoot us an email: Alex, Aimee, Adrian or Natalie will get back to you. And remember, there is no “I” in FEAST. 


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