Street Festivals

New Orleans is known all over the world for its big festivals like Jazz Fest, French Quarter Fest, Essence Music Fest and Voodoo Fest. But I’ve only been to three of those ONCE. I’m not big on crowds, and I really have to talk myself up to walk around in direct sunlight for several hours. As delicious as the food is, I have trouble enjoying it because I’m so hot! Who wants to eat hot fried food it 90 degree weather and no shade? Pas moi. But there are alternatives.

Another thing we have a lot of here are small street festivals. They extend a few blocks either clustered or along a main street and have a much more neighborhood feel to them. They are mostly attended by locals, and feature arts, crafts, food and music, all by small local vendors. I like that I run into a lot of people I know, and that there is space. Space to breathe, and dance, and eat without getting elbowed in the face. Space to let my kids run around in a crowd that not only is sparse enough that I can see if they run off, but will likely be intercepted by a friendly neighbor who will bring them back to me.

Unfortunately, these street fests rarely stay small and local for long. They always grow to insane ‘international’ sizes within 3-4 years. It’s only by the will of the organizers if these things stay small and local-friendly. Once such fest we attended this Saturday was the Freret Street Festival. After Q ran the Crescent City Classic 10K that morning (I told you the shit never ends here!) he came home, we took a nap, and then it was off to the street party. It did not disappoint. It had a great atmosphere that really was family friendly (usually that just means kid friendly and the adults want to shoot themselves). The music and food were great, and of course being in my own neighborhood makes it fairly perfect.

To illustrate, it goes kinda like this…

You DRINK and EAT…

Freret Fest 2012
Savi nomming on Dat Dog.


Freret Fest 2012
Eva dancing to “Russian mafia band” Debauche.

You smile, because life here is pretty damn amazing.

Freret Fest 2012
Q and I, having just devoured some pulled pork po-boys, and several Abita beers.

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