A Sad Day For New Orleans Culture

Late last night The New York Times reported possible impending lay-offs and a cut back of publication for the Times-Picayune and the story was quickly picked up by The Gambit. (Updated story here.) Tweeting was fast and furious this morning as the news spread quickly including the reactions of T-P employees who reportedly learned about the changes on the social site and other online venues. An announcement to the staff was circulated this morning and can be read on The Gambit.

It’s a sad day for many New Orleanians who have faithfully read the 175 year old paper daily, including myself. I’ve been a bit of a collector of T-P issues that have documented historical events including the last issue before Hurricane Katrina hit.

American Scrapbook has posted a wonderful piece about the history of the Times-Picayune – it’s well worth a read.

The Times, they are a-changin’.


2 thoughts on “A Sad Day For New Orleans Culture

  1. A sad day indeed. The first thing that came to mind is all of the elderly and others in this city that are not plugged into the virtual world because they don’t know how or are unable to connect – how will they get their daily news? The second thing I though of is how will these folks be able to find out information concerning daily obituaries? For someone computer literate, even I have a tough time finding this content within the online portal.

    A sad day indeed, terrible that our area had to be one of the first to suffer this fate. I cannot fathom getting my print news from a Baton Rouge entity, as opposed to the local paper. I pray this decision is reversed, but that is quite doubtful…

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