Get Involved – Save the Picayune

I know how to get to news using technology. But as a New Orleanian I don’t want that to be the primary way I get my daily news. At the end of a work day I want to settle into the my patio or couch with a Sazerac or a glass of ice tea and flip the tangible, not virtual, pages of my daily city newspaper. I want to talk a look at the silly horoscope and see how many stars the day I just lived had and reconcile that with what actually happened. If it’s Friday I want to see what the Lagniappe says is happening in town so I can plan just how ambitious I’ll be in taking part in the many festivities or where I can go to avoid them.

Read more of this lovely essay about what the Times-Picayune means to New Orleanians on NorthWest Carrollton. Then go friend Save the Picayune on FaceBook and follow on Twitter. Get involved.

2 thoughts on “Get Involved – Save the Picayune

  1. I hope we can do this. NOLA dot com doesn’t even come close to the real paper. Besides, since they “retooled” the website I get nauseated everytime the page opens up.

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