Crescent City and Hollygrove Farmers Markets

Here is the latest installment in the local farmers markets, better late than never! Both of these markets are open on Tuesdays, so I ventured uptown today to check them out and share some pictures with you.

I went to the Crescent City Farmers Market first. This market originally began in the 700 block of Magazine Street, but in recent years it has branched out to 2 new locations: Uptown on 200 Broadway Street and in Mid-City in the 3700 block of Orleans Avenue in the American Can Co. parking lot.  This market has fresh produce, plants and herbs, prepared foods, cheeses and meats.

The market is in a parking lot next to the old Uptown Square, now known as Tulane Square and across the street from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

There were home canned goods

Fresh meat, seafood and pies

A selection of plants and herbs

Hot foods, tamales and plate lunches were available

Many of the produce vendors had okra and tomatoes (the link is a recipe to cook them), corn and eggplant for sale

The nice lady from Forte Grove was selling bread – she said they will return to the market in September

There was a gentleman from Progress Milk Barn in McComb, Mississippi selling fresh dairy

Next it was on to the Hollygrove Market, which is located at 8301 Olive Street, across from Carrollton Playground. Unlike the Crescent City Market which is mobile, the Hollygrove market remains in the same building, on the grounds of the old Guillot’s Nursery which did not reopen after Katrina.

They grow some of the produce they sell on site. Their hours are Tuesdays 12 noon to 6pm and Saturdays 9am -1pm. This market has a lot of volunteers on staff, helping customers to make their selections.

There is a weekly box line that does not require a subscription – for $25 you get a box filled with seasonal produce. The community bulletin board is on the left of the picture, with information about the vendors and businesses that support the market.

Or if you are looking for only one or two items there are many choices available for selection

There are specialty items, local honey, coffee, herbs, meat from Two Run Farm and dairy, although there were no eggs this week because the chickens slow down laying eggs in the summer heat.

On the way out, a vendor was selling fresh shrimp he got from Houma – $5.00 a pound for 16-20 count shrimp. Growing up, I remember the men who drove around the neighborhoods selling fresh shrimp and crabs. Don’t see much of that anymore, but they can still be found parked at the local farmer’s markets.

So here’s the take for the day – while I was uptown I stopped at one of my favorite bakeries in town, Maple Street Patisserie and purchased a loaf of their white mountain bread. I think I’ll grill the eggplant and shrimp and have that with the bread and pesto for dinner!

And my secret for THE BEST NO FUSS CORN ON THE COB – shuck the corn, rinse it off and wrap the cob in a wet paper towel. Put the wrapped cob on a plate, microwave for 2 minutes, turn the cob, then microwave for 2 more minutes. If you do more than one cob, up the time by a minute per cob. BETTER THAN BOILING out all the nutrients! Salt and serve with butter or just eat it plain. Trust me it works, try it!

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