A Short, Gratuitous Fashion Post

Probably the main reason I watch awards shows is for the fashion. Back in the day I worked in fashion and knew what was on-trend and what was “out”. I read Women’s Wear Daily and Vogue and wore 4 inch heels to work every day.

Now I live real and I get my gratuitous fashion fix vicariously on Emmy night or Oscar night or any other of those nights when the beautiful show their stuff. Nothing makes a woman look more feminine and glamorous than getting dolled up in a long dress with full tilt make-up and jewelry. So, just for fun, here’s a few pics of my favorite looks from Sunday night’s Emmy Awards via Jezebel. (Click to enbiggen.)
I’ll leave the worst looks and best laughs to Joan.


Kat Dennings – beautifully styled with killer jewelry and perfect hair and nails.

Christina Hendricks – the only woman alive who can wear this color and look stunning. Of course, she could wear a brown paper bag and look stunning.

Heidi Klum – LOVE this color, the style, the flowiness. Love the shoes. Hate the Farah Fawcett hair.

My pick for best dress – worn by Leslie Mann. Fresh, young, exciting. Love the turquoise jewelry as contrast. This is definitely my style.




4 thoughts on “A Short, Gratuitous Fashion Post

  1. I missed the Emmy s this year but never miss the Oscars, mainly for the fashion.. Love, love Heidi’s dress..gorgeous!

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