NOLAFemmes and How She Grows

I recently received my yearly report from WordPress on the progress NOLAFemmes made in 2012 and thought I’d share some of it with y’all. It was all good and some of the stats included in the report were:

  • NOLAFemmes was viewed about 190,000 times in 2012. (!)
  • The busiest day of the year was February 24th with 85,727 views.
  • The most popular post that day was Lit Up Like a Parade.
  • The top referring sites were Facebook, Twitter, WWL TV and

NOLAFemmes was just a baby of an idea I began tossing around in my head about four years ago because I realized there was no local group blog made up entirely of women writers at the time which I saw as a serious flaw in the NOLA blogosphere.  As far as I know, we are still the only local blog staffed entirely by women. Some people say blogs are dying but our stats and our readers call BS on that. 🙂 Our first post was published on July 12. 2009 and it’s been full steam ahead ever since.

It was a very busy 2012 for this blog and it started off with a Very. Big. Bang. in February with A.L. Mueller’s heartfelt post “Lit Up Like A Parade” which went viral nationally very, very quickly. (Examples here, here and here.) Emily Gras grew out of that post and was one of WWL TV’s most viewed stories for 2012 and WDSU’s Top Stories.

In March Lunanola was the first New Orleanian to tweet about the sidewalk defacement in the French Quarter by representatives of CoCa Cola looking to advertise during the NCAA Men’s Final Four event. She quickly blogged her outrage in her post “Historic French Quarter and Faubourg Tremé defaced with graffiti advertising Coca-Cola products” and was joined in her outrage by many New Orleanians. Due to her activism, Coca-Cola subsequently apologized and had reps scrubbing the sidewalks.

Liprap’s poignant and personal post “Help. Now.”, including helpful information for victims of Hurricane Sandy, earned the blog a prominent spot on WordPress’s Freshly Pressed page. This is a big deal in the WordPress community and gives a blog great exposure. (This made our third time on FP!) It was a well deserved honor and we thank Word Press for the nod.

These are only three of the many well-written, informative and entertaining pieces written by the women of this blog who were all hand-picked for her individual talents. We strive to be a well-rounded site incorporating local issues of interest to New Orleanians as well as cultural and personal pieces of interest to all. We don’t want to be only a “political” blog, a “mommy” blog or a “pop-culture” blog; we want to be all of that and more. We want to inspire, inform and entertain. Our readers are why we are here at all and we always want to give them a perspective they won’t read anywhere else. Our perspective.

So I want to thank all of our readers for choosing to read this blog in a world where an internet surfer’s interest is increasingly being vied for, especially in the social media world. We couldn’t exist, much less thrive as we have, without you.

I also want to thank my writers:
Nola Notes
Laura Bergerol
A.L. Mueller
and also welcome once again our newest
T. Kaupp
Bayou Creole

Thank you all, my writing companions, for all you do for this blog. You’re the best!

We look forward to another great year here on NOLAFemmes. May you all have a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year!


12 thoughts on “NOLAFemmes and How She Grows

  1. I’m curious how you have achieved your success. If you have pointers you wish to share I would be interested. I’m new to blogging, have just published my first book and I’m trying to get the word out. Part of writing is being willing to learn – I’m an open book so feel free to write in my pages. Thank you.

  2. Like Laura, I too am proud to be a part of this blog. I have not contributed too much in the last 9 or so months, but I plan to make every effort to get back in the swing of things. Great post, by the way!

  3. I think blogs are migrating from the individual towards more collective efforts. This has definitely benefited many bloggers in the New Orleans area, as well as parts beyond, with resulting increased visits.

    Its been a pleasure to contribute here, thanks for the forum…

  4. Hail to Charlotte and the scribes of Nola Femmes. Your stories are all part of the New Orleans mosaic, bravely sharing your hopes, disappointments, and (yes) successes. The pieces are fresh, heartfelt and wonderfully free of writerly excess and snark. Well done, femmes, well done.

  5. This blog is a fairly recent discovery for me. I am so glad to find such enjoyable writing by fellow NOLA women. I look forward to reading more posts this year!

  6. I love this blog! I remember when I first starting blogging, I’d come over here and say to myself “I wish I were a part of that group of women.” You are all so great and love the city as much as I do. I wanted to be on the same playground with the wonderful women of NOLA Femmes. When Charlotte asked me to become a contributer, I felt as if I had won a lotto! It is a dream fulfilled.
    Congratulations Charlotte and to all the ladies who contribute to this fabulous blog.

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