house of cards

While I was at work today, I kept thinking about wanting to go out into the Super Bowl crowds and mingling with the locals, tourists and celebrities in town gearing up for the huge event on Sunday. But the traffic and parking and walking and all the money it would cost to fund all those variables was cast aside to spend an evening watching the premiere of House of Cards on Netflix.  I must say, after watching the first 4 episodes of the 13 episode season 1, I made the right choice.

Recently I read that people with access to cable alternatives such as Netflix are “binge viewing”: watching multiple episodes of popular TV and movie series at one sitting. Hence Netflix released all 13 episodes of House of Cards at once. This series is good. With Kevin Spacey as the lead, alongside Robin Wright and Kate Mara and an extensive supporting cast, this series has already developed a few story lines to keep the show afloat. The setting is D.C. and Spacey plays a behind the scenes mover and shaker in the House of Representatives. It exhibits the cut throat tactics and shady deals that makes politics so abhorrent. One such deal blithely disposed of 12,000 jobs in order to move a few pieces on the chess board of political power.

But I won’t get into the details, see it for yourself. Its worth the hour for an episode or 13 if you want to do the whole thing in a day. And with Super Bowl and Mardi Gras in full blast, it might be an option on Ash Wednesday when its too hard to muster the courage to venture outdoors, hungover from the previous 3 week party. Check it out.

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