The greasing of the poles kicks off this weekend’s carnival festivities in the French Quarter!

The French Quarter’s Royal Sonesta Hotel originated this 43-year tradition of greasing the hotel’s gallery support poles to “deter over zealous revelers from shimmying up to coveted Bourbon Street balcony space during carnival season.” This year’s venerable yet humorous Mardi Gras spectacle delivered wonderfully, featuring “celebrity guests, great local music, and a whole lot of petroleum jelly!”

Photo 1

The Pussyfooters of New Orleans warming up the crowd and kicking off the spectacle!

Photo 2

Royal Sonesta’s President & General Manager Al Groos welcoming the participants and spectators.

Photo 3

Zulu King Cedric George Givens was on hand to witness today’s event.

Photo 4

A performance to the tune of “Big Spender” set the mood for the pole-greasing contestants: “Hey, pole greaser! Grease that big ol’ pole for me!”

Photo 5

This year’s celebrity pole greaser, actor Laura Cayouette of HBO’s “Treme,” Quentin Tarantino’s “Django Unchained,” and “Kill Bill Vol. 2,” appears enchanted by the song performance tailored to this year’s event!

Photo 6

The competition begins with three special guest Pussyfooters of New Orleans and celebrity pole greaser Laura Cayouette…

Photo 7

The competition heats up as Laura realizes that the Pussyfooters are greasing to win!

Photo 8

Actor Laura Cayouette steps up her performance today, giving her challengers some real competition!

Photo 9

I salute this Pussyfooter of New Orleans for bringing artistry and grace to today’s messy festivities!

While I’m still not yet certain who officially was voted the champion pole greaser for 2013 (and, really, that’s never been the point of this event), I know for a fact that a fun and unusual “only in New Orleans” tradition was enjoyed by all in attendance!

As my friend @CaptainSwallow quipped, “only in New Orleans could ye use the term ‘celebrity pole greaser’ politely!”


6 thoughts on “The greasing of the poles kicks off this weekend’s carnival festivities in the French Quarter!

  1. Thanks so much for posting this fun,crazy, traditional event! I loved seeing my old friend and groomsman, Royal Sonesta’s President/GM, Al Groos, happily featured as I haven’t seen him in person for years. Nice job!!

    • You’re welcome — I happen to believe that, when it comes to Carnival Season, it’s the little things that make it so wonderful! Al’s been a true ally and friend as an advocate for the quality of life for all in the French Quarter.

      • I can believe that about Al and his beautiful wife, Catherine. They, along with the Casbarian’s at Arnaud’s are the heart and soul of the quarter, especially to their Sarasota “family”. I haven’t been back since 2004 and can’t wait to go back for a visit again some time soon!

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