Nothing heralds the arrival of spring in New Orleans quite like the explosion of color that azaleas provide. It is a sign of warmer days ahead and fun times in the crescent city. Even though the shrubs are evergreen throughout the year, they certainly put on a display as the days begin to get longer.

If you would like to add them to your garden, now is the time to plant azaleas – buy shrubs while they are in bloom so you know what color you are getting before planting them in your landscape. Or just buy random shrubs and wait till next spring to see what color bursts open when they bloom!

IMG_5765 IMG_5768 IMG_5786 IMG_5835 IMG_5860 IMG_5866 IMG_5871 IMG_5891 IMG_5895 IMG_5917 IMG_5924 IMG_5928 IMG_5947 IMG_5953 IMG_5963 IMG_5964


Personally I am fond of white azaleas – this one is in my garden

Have a lovely spring

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