Sharing: A letter to Mary Landrieu.

Dear Senator Landrieu, 

How wonderful that we elected you, our progressive option in the Louisiana electoral, to represent us!

A question: Is your goal to promote the notion of the people of Louisiana as under-educated, unenlightened swampers who have such a limited capacity for morality and human rights that we are only able to parrot whatever our neighborhood megalomaniac bible-thumper tells us to? If so, you are doing a fantastic job!

Alternatively, if your goal is to represent the best interests of your constituents — and the very people who actually voted for you — then you best put on your big girl panties and do the hard work. 

I know. It’s tough to do the right thing in a red state. We, your true voter base, appreciate and sympathize with your need to work with what you have. But when has doing the right thing ever been easy? We elected you because we believed you had the experience and backbone to do the right thing in spite of it all. 

Climate change. Marriage equality. Gun safety. 

Do the right thing, Mary. Show the world that Louisiana has not only entered the modern world, but we have elected a Senator with the integrity and principle to stand and be a leader among her peers.



Sent 29 March 2013


Yes, she’s a Louisiana treasure.  But she can do better.  Send Senator Landrieu your own thoughts here.


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