Au Revoir


NOLAFemmes has been my baby for the past four years – her birthday was July 9. I’ve coddled her along and watched her grow from a not-quite-there idea to what she is today thanks to the efforts of the amazing women who’ve written on her pages. I could never have done it alone. We’ve had some great times and achieved some beautiful things on this blog. We’ve been featured on WordPress’s Freshly Press three times: here, here and here. Two of our stories (here and here) went viral nationally. Many, many other heart-felt and thought-provoking stories have been written on these pages, big stories and small ones, and I am so proud of each and every one.  In January of this year I wrote a sort of State of the Blog post where I thanked our readers and my writers for their love and loyalty and I want to thank y’all again right now – for the last time. I’ve decided to retire as owner and administrator of this blog and to “pass the torch” to Amy Mueller. Amy has written on this blog almost from the very beginning and I know she will take it to the next level with her writing and editing expertise. And I know she will love it as I have – I believe that. The quote above is so very true. I’ve pondered for many months where I wanted to go with the blog. Finally, I made the hard decision that I simply no longer have the time or energy to give it the attention it deserves but I just couldn’t allow it to languish out there in no woman’s land. I was fighting to hold on, then fighting letting go. In the end, I know this is the right thing to do and I thank Amy for stepping up and taking over. Once again, huge thanks and hugs to our readers – you are a big part of what made this blog successful and fun and I hope you’ll continue to grace us with your loyalty.



5 thoughts on “Au Revoir

  1. It’s been fun reading your posts..when I do get settled into whatever part of New Orleans claims me, let’s do coffee and such!
    Best of luck in whatever your new adventures may be!

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