Bald Eagles in New Orleans

A few months ago, there was word going around town that there were Bald Eagles flying around the city.

Imagine my surprise to find the active eagle’s nest around the corner from my house!

It’s really cool to watch them!

They’re a gorgeous pair!

And they have two of the cutest chicks!

One of them is now a fledgling… I caught him one morning returning to the nest.

Just another day in NOLA,

watching eagles.

Pretty awesome isn’t it?







baby eagle


momma and baby





eagle eating









4 thoughts on “Bald Eagles in New Orleans

  1. Diana,it is amazing isn’t it? I visit the nest every day just to keep an eye on them and make sure they’re alright.
    They’re absolutely beautiful!

  2. Amazing. You are blessed to have this marvelous view of such magnificent birds. Their wing span can be nearly 8 ft!

    • Valyn,it truly is amazing. I hope the parents return to the nest next season. I’ll keep watch and post here. I think I’m going to begin posting the various birds I come across. Right now, there are about 7 quaker parrots that visit my yard.

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