About The Femmes

Charlotte dreamed up and created NOLAFemmes in July 2009. She is a writer, poet, amateur photographer and observer of life who often scribbles words and phrases in notebooks that later becomes poetry or flash or nothing at all.  Her work has been published in Metazen, Connotation Press, Literary Orphans and other literary magazines. She likes old school R&B, dogs and people who really listen, all together or separately .

Amy feels like she is one giant walking contradiction, which makes life both interesting and fun. She’s a writer, hoarder of books, MMA enthusiast, secular homeschooler, and self-proclaimed nerd who would rather be at home watching Doctor Who on Saturday night than in Da Club. She loves music of all genres and decades and thinks that the artistic integrity of 80’s hair bands is often misunderstood.  She’s married to a cranky Viking who builds things and is the mother to an amazing, newly-teenaged girl who also happens to be autistic. She fled the Midwest seven years ago to call New Orleans home.

Maringouin is a New Orleans native who’s heart is in the Atchafalaya Basin, hence the reference to maringouin. There is a town named Maringouin on the eastern side of the Atchafalaya Basin, and a friend once told me that is a very old French name for mosquito (contemporary translation names the mosquito moustique, moustiquaire or moucheron). My family is of Cajun descent and I hope someday to be able to call southwest Louisiana my home.

Judy B. – 56 y/o New Englander by birth, Southerner by choice. Married, 1 adult child. Passions: Food (preparing and eating), Photography, Animal Rights, Gulf Coast. 30 year resident of Slidell and not going anywhere. Judy also blogs at Thanks, Katrina.

Emilie Staat is astonished daily that she’s a freelance writer in New Orleans. She’s finishing the third draft of her novel, The Winter Circus. She blogs about life, writing and New Orleans at: http://emiliestaat.wordpress.com/

Bayou Creole is a proud member of the Krewe of Nyx and also writes on her personal blog, The Life and Times of Bayou Creole.


**Disclaimer** The opinions expressed on NOLAFemmes are solely those of the individual writer.

19 thoughts on “About The Femmes

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  3. Ms. Amy, My neice sent me you link. My husband sat here and cried as we read your blog. My daughter, Charlotte died in 2005. Since her adoption [from New Orleans!] we have had a quest for “normalcy”. For 17 years, we kept ‘haters’ away from her. Some will be there anyway.

    I ask you to take advantage of outpouring of love. Do not let her lose her joy!!!

    My daughter’s love was cruises, even though she was severly delayed, she had been on 5 cruises and 6 countries. She was developmentally between 2-3 years. I had several people comment, “She doesn’t know she is in a foreign country”: my responce: “She knows she had fun!!!”
    That said, Accept the Love, I would love to see her as the Queen of her own Muse parade!!! Post when, I’ll make that trip!!! I’ll even offer my convertible for her to ride in!!!
    As a Doctor of Behavioral Health, my faith in people has been renewed by the responces here!

  4. I just stumbled onto your website, its refreshing to read and reflect true Nola thoughts and liifestyle…NOLAFemmes….you’re awesome!

  5. Thx for your swift reply. In the event you should have an opening please send me a notice. I can send you my resume and writing sample. I was born & raised in NOLA, lived in Acadiana for approx. 25 years and am currently living in the TN mountains. I visit NOLA as much as possible as I long for the sounds of the crescent city – the ships’ horns that signal through the night, trains that roar across the levees (I grew up on Algier’s Point), the Sunday calliope, the music (of course) seeping through every corner bar… Well , you get it. I’m missing it more & more as I write these words. Gratitude. Margaret

    • You’re welcome and thank you, Mr. Ellis — I’m so sorry that I didn’t see and reply to your comment sooner!

  6. Hey ladies…

    Here’s a little message from Türkiye to say “thank you”. I appreciate your ‘follow’, knowing how many interesting and entertaining blogs there are out there.

    Blogging since June 2013, my little corner of the world tries to offer an eclectic smattering of posts, from basic amateur photography, to sharing my travel adventures over the decades, as well as day to day happenings here on our fruit farm in southern Turkey. I also throw in a few of my observations on life and lighter-hearted stuff for good measure.

    You are more than welcome to have a look around, stay a while and have a trawl through my small collection. There are plenty of drop-down categories within the menu bar to help in said digging process. Of course, if you have any comments, suggestions or concerns, feel free to let me know – I’m not easily offended 🙂

    Thanks again and hope you all have a great day…


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