I Come To Bury Barry, Not Praise Him

Tropical Storm Barry – We’re okay
Originally posted by Peter Athas on First Draft.

First Draft

Legendary New Orleans weatherman and folk hero Nash Roberts in his prime.

I didn’t plan to write a pre-storm post but my phone and social media feeds have been blowing up. Thanks to everyone who reached out. If this post sucks, blame them, not me. Damn concerned friends and readers.

Barry is a disorganized mess of a system, which is having a hard time getting its shit together. But wherever it lands, it’s going to be wet and sloppy.

It’s almost a perfect metaphor for the Trump era, which is not reassuring but it’s a helluva one-liner. They can’t get their shit together either. At least Alex Acosta is quitting, which means I won’t get to use one of my punnier potential titles: The Acosta of Freedom.

Back to the lay of the land at Adrastos World HQ. We’re going to be fine: we live on high ground in what…

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Veterans Day Rant

I hate the title of this blog post, but it is so true. How many of you say “thank you for your service” when you notice men with baseball caps indicating they served our country? Or National Guards people who are in uniform? I figure about 5 percent.

They have become – since the days of the Vietnam Veterans – forgotten Americans.

And they put THEIR lives on the line every day during their tours of duty so that we can hang out with friends, go to ball games and simply sleep soundly at night.

There are reputable organizations out there that help our Veterans. I donate to Paralyzed Veterans of America…$10/month.

Here’s a link for grateful Americans to help support our Veterans because American Government is NOT .

If you would like to help our Vets – from WWII thru Afghanistan – above is a link to resources. Choose one, donate monthly. It doesn’t have to be a lot. Everyone thinks “well enough people will donate, so I don’t have to”….YES YOU DO!!! THESE PEOPLE PUT THEIR LIVES ON THE LINE FOR YOU!!!!

Many of them are homeless, like the video above. Many of them are on food stamps, which have recently been cut ( thanks G.O.P.). You sent these people to witness and perform unspeakable acts and you bastards want to sweep them under

There are thousands of Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans who have PTSD. How many are being helped? How many are waiting almost TWO FUCKING YEARS to get help from the bogged down with government bereaucracy at Veterans Administration These people need help NOW, not when it’s convenient for some government worker to get to the bottom of their ‘TO DO’ list.

HELP OUR VETERANS, PLEASE. They didn’t think twice about protecting you.

August 29th

It will probably be mentioned as an afterthought on the nightly news, but here in Southeastern Louisiana August 29th is a day that is more memorable than the rest of the year.  On this date 8 years ago – August 29, 2005 – Hurricane Katrina roared ashore on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, devastating the small towns of Waveland and Bay St. Louis.

She also flattened Gulfport and Biloxi.

I’m not even going to go into the political impact of these storm. I’m also not going to dwell the repulsive comments from our “fellow Americans”. Although the haters represent a small chunk of our fellow citizens, their vitriol hurt. And they’re still at it today. I feel sorry for people with that much hate in their hearts.

A lot of the immediate coverage was centered around New Orleans, and rightly so.

There are so many stories of horror and survival. Even today – 8 years after the storm – when you meet someone in line at a festival or in the store, the subject usually comes up. We survivors feel the need to talk about “The Storm”. I don’t think we’ll ever NOT want to talk about it. It’s therapy to those of us who lived through it and still want to live here.

I’ve put together a montage of Katrina’s devastation on this page. After The Storm I was out of work for 2 months, so I taught myself basic HTML and created the page. It kind of helped my survivor’s guilt.

Memories of The Storm are anywhere one travels in Katrina’s path: overgrown lots, forgotten decrepit houses, flattened beachfront properties on the coast. To offset those sights, it is still evident that the area is still coming back, 8 years later.

Oh, yeah. Something else happened on August 29th: Hurricane Isaac. The odds of this storm hitting on the same date as Katrina blew us away. Isaac blew away our electricity for almost a week, flooded our streets. He did much less than Katrina, he was just a nuisance.

We survived both storms and the ineptitude of the U.S. Government in the aftermath. Today – August 29, 2013 – we are blessed with cool weather and clear blue skies. Many thanks to those who’ve cared, contributed toward our rebirth and all of the prayers.

RIP Greg Peters

Greg Peters was born with a bad heart. And today that heart stopped working. Greg is gone.

I never met Greg, but I was a “Facebook Friend” and I followed his status updates and pictures with great joy. Greg had a fantastic sense of humor.

He was a talented graphic artist , as evidenced by the posters he created for Rising Tide, a conference of New Orleans Bloggers which meets in the middle of  every hurricane season to discuss the future of New Orleans in the aftermath of “The Storm”, Katrina.

From Rising Tide 2007

From Rising Tide 2007

greg peters2

Greg loved his sons, and all of his friends and Eileen.

Greg loved life.  Heaven has a new hell-raiser.  We’ll miss you, Greg.  Say Hi to Ashley for us.


Born in 1954, I awakened to music in the very early days of the 1970’s. JJ Cale was a great influence as music was going through the growing pains of the metamorphosis in styles between the 50’s and the 60’s. The early 70’s created some of the most prolific and talented musicians I have ever experienced in my lifetime.

Every time I hear this song, I think of JJ Cale. RIP to one of my favorite musicians.

I found him just about the time I found Bonnie Raitt,, Bonnie and Delaney, Duane Allman Boz Scaggs, Ozark Mountain Daredevils, and the rest of them.

From Wikipedia

Songs written by Cale that have been covered by other musicians include “After Midnight” and “Cocaine” by Eric Clapton,

“Cajun Moon” by Randy Crawford,,

“Clyde” and by Waylon Jennings, ,

“Magnolia” by Jai and Poco,, but I prefer JJ Cale’s version myself

“Bringing It Back” by Kansas,

“Call Me the Breeze” and “I Got the Same Old Blues” by Lynyrd Skynyrd,

Like To Love You Baby [live] – Tom Petty… by XavierMuff“>”I’d Like to Love You, Baby” by Tom Petty,

“Travelin’ Light” and “Ride Me High” by Widespread Panic,

“Tijuana” by Harry Manx,

“Sensitive Kind” by Carlos Santana,

“You Keep Me Hangin’ On” by Kevin Ayers,

and “Same Old Blues” by Captain Beefheart.

Happy Mother’s Day

I would like to take the opportunity to wish NOLAFEMMES’ founder Charlotte Hamrick a Happy Mother’s Day.

I think of you as a “mother” to all of us who post on this blog: you remind us to use tags, encourage us to post, you raise us up and you celebrate when we achieve “Freshly Pressed”.

Thank you for inviting me to post here and for your advice and support over the past 2 years. I would also like to wish all of NOLAFEMMES’ other bloggers a wonderful Mother’s Day.

Southeast Louisiana Winters

I’m from Massachusetts, so I’m familiar with the long, wet, cold winters. The driving during this time of year used to be horrific. We lived on a hill and not a winter would pass where we were out on the street during a snowstorm trying to help push cars up the hill in the stormy and icy conditions.

Driving in icy conditions looks like this:

Southeast Louisiana winters are gentle, but they are not without their hazards. I spent 30 years driving to and from work in New Orleans East in near zero visibility due to the fog. This time of year is the worst for the fog.

Since I retired in October I haven’t even ventured out of bed before 7. But Saturday I got up early and noticed how thick the fog was around our house. So I grabbed the camera and went outside to play.


My dog thought he was hiding.

Taken in Slidell, La on January 26, 2013

Taken in Slidell, La on January 26, 2013