Nola Fashion Week A/W 2013

One of my favorite things in the word has to be fashion. I absolutely adore it! The creativity is what I love. It’s all about the art of you and your specific personality.  Imagine my excitement when Nola Fashion Week (NOLAFW) got started in 2011.  NOLAFW is the next best thing to getting to the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, but probably with a little more flavor.

Nola Fashion Week was the brainchild of the  Nola Fashion Council, whom work to connect designers with resources and exposure throughout the South and beyond. The Nola Fashion Council puts on NOLAFW biannually not only to showcase Southern talent, but to offer industry based education workshops as well as access to local designers and retailers.


Southern born and /or based designers come together to show their greatness and to in my opinion put a smile on my face. From the efforts of Nola Fashion Week, we’ve come to know and see the rise of phenomenal designers such as Amanda deLeon, Andrea Loest, Matthew Arthur, Jolie & Elizabeth and more. It’s quite amazing to watch the talent right here at home doing innovative things.

Happening this week is Nola Fashion Week A/W 13’ showing. Showcasing this year is 17 designers which include Amanda deLeon, Andrea Loest, Anthony Ryan, Blackout, By Smith, Ella ose, Fair Fit, Hazel & Forange, Iacono, Izavel , Jolie  Elizabeth, Libellule , Loretta Jane, Matthew Arthur, Noel Martin, The Dope.Game and Tallulah’s Designs. These designers will not disappoint with great pieces you will daydream about for days as well as ready to wear pieces you will probably find at local stores this year! Also on the schedule are several cool workshops such as Sustainable Dyeing so you can get your learning on.

The great thing about NOLAFW is there is something for everyone! In whatever way you want to get involved from financial support to volunteering, to retail therapy and more; its something for you with NOLAFW. Not only are our brightest designers showcased, but also all the amazing individuals based right down in Louisiana making things happen behind the scene from makeup artist to stylist, to bloggers and more. This state produced a talented bunch and NOLAFW proves it just by the high value production put on since the beginning.

I don’t co-sign most events, but I look forward to NOLAFW each year and can’t get enough of the Nola and Southern Talent.

Teen Tech Day: Bringing Resources to New Orleans Teens

Something close to my heart has always been teens and resources. Many teens are working hard and just do not have the resources to accomplish the goals they set for their selves as well as not knowing anyone or having no clue where to go for resources to aid them in their success.

I’ve always been blessed to have extremely involved parents and high school (Warren Easton) and a resource obsessed mind, but many around me growing up didn’t  So as a teen, I always took it upon myself to try and find resources such as scholarships, schools, summer opportunities, etc. for myself and friends.


As I got older it became more important to me and friends to share our resources to help teens as much as possible to not be left behind. We believe our youth are talented; they just aren’t giving a chance to experience their full potential. So instead of being afraid of our youth in the city it’s important to see the child in them just looking for a chance as well as not to punish the children who are trying to do right. There are so many ways to get involved through mentoring, offerings resources or just supporting programs working to better the teen population of Greater New Orleans.

My friend Chris Boudy and I have a love for technology. Three years ago we decided to create a technology conference to start giving teens with interest in technology more resources and teens who never considered technology industry more options to consider. Through this idea came Teen Tech Day.

TTD is a one-day interactive conference exposing Greater New Orleans youth to technologies such as video game design, robotics, programming, graphic design and more. Technology offers opportunities to explore math, science, as well as engineering in which Teen Tech works to open the door of possibilities. Each year’s students between the ages of 13 through 18 years old are provided a positive outlet to explore opportunities and get excited about technology. As the future calls for more technological based careers Teen Tech Day decided to aid in building the local technology industry of the future. Our third annual Teen Tech Day takes place on March 23rd at Delgado Community College.

If you know teens interested in technology, sign them up.
Want to donate? $5 or more can make a difference
Help make TTD a success! Volunteer to help out.

Stop Being Comfortable

Just something on my mind this morning as I read the news about yet another person killed, just for helping… When are we going to stop just being comfortable? We are all comfortable until it hits right on our doorstep, but that shouldn’t be. This is our city, our people, our community, our love so this is all a part of us and affects us all. So when are we going to stop being comfortable? When will we stop looking at the news being devastated for a moment, then go right back to our lives? When will start understanding how this all is affecting our future, our city’s future, our children’s future? When will we stop being comfortable?

For me, as I reflect today; If I wasn’t from New Orleans; this day right now I wouldn’t want to visit. I would be disgusted at all the things I hear going on and terrified and scared probably for those who live here. We as New Orleans citizens don’t understand that though, because we been here so long, dealt with this so long that it’s not affecting us anymore, but it’s time for this mentality to stop. We can’t progress, move forward and be Effective New Orleans citizens, if we don’t start feeling affected by the crime in this city. Take for a moment and imagine all the hurting mothers all around this city right now crying because their baby is gone or the mothers who are worried to let their children out their sight because they don’t know if they will ever get the chance to see them again. Imagine them and their hurt and how it affects their lives. Imagine it was you and get angry about it and use that anger to be a part of the change. Look at all the kids around you and imagine their future. You want to see them have one, well this can only come to happen when we all get a little less comfortable and start doing something. Getting involved in our community, becoming informed, informing others, getting our thoughts her, volunteering in the community to change the lives of youth and just letting them know you there. We can’t just depend on police department; we also have to do our part in this too. Every little piece of action helps make big change. Do you know how powerful this city could be, how we could regain our own city if everyone got uncomfortable and do their part. Step out your world and just start opening your eyes and understand that this has to stop now. Our hearts are being broken daily and with each murder a piece of the soul our city has goes away, a chip of us goes away. We need to preserve our culture for all the wonderful things it is. This is a city of passion and love. We saying we love this city can’t be enough because love is an action word and we must do our part.

Sorry for my early morning rant. Excuse the language.

Passion Equals Action

Let me introduce myself. My name is Shercole and I’m born, raised and educated in good ole New Orleans. I have strong love/hate relationship with this city but overall an undying passion. No matter where I go, there is still nowhere like New Orleans for the good and bad. The food, people, culture, and the plain creativity you can find throughout the city. Where else can I go and meet random people and have a conversation with as if we been best friends my whole life? Where else can I see people with such imagination and creating things beyond your wildest dreams just at local street festivals?

This city has so much to offer us. Something I often ask myself that I hope you will consider asking yourself is what is it that you give to the city that continues to give to you?  What can you offer? What talent can be utilized to help in making my city better?

In my heart, I feel all us ladies have a special gift that we may or may not be utilizing.  It could be coordination or management skills, or maybe even artistic, but somewhere inside of us all there is some type of gift. Why not use that gift/talent to help your community in some small or big way. It can mean helping an elderly neighbor out, maybe even starting a garden, or it could be you just volunteering and attending city meetings. Whatever it is just be active and don’t just sit on the side line waiting for something to happen. Start making something happen. No matter how small ones action may be, they all can make a huge impact in the end.


  • Join your local neighborhood association, make your voice heard.
  • Volunteer at one of your favorite non profits in the city.
  • Coordinate a project in your part of time to help clean up.
  • Join a local organization and get active on a cause.
  • Go green in your home and educate your neighborhood.
  • Vow to shop local as much as possible, encourage others.

Be creative and find something best for you.


Shercole  blogs at Minority Weirdos and and is one of NOLA’s most prolific and entertaining Tweeters.

Do Your Part


Nola FeMMES Do Your Part
by Shercole

As 2010 approaches us, it’s getting close to an important time in New Orleans future. One where one election will determine the next turn in recovery efforts and what will be the “NEW” New Orleans. The mayoral race is upon us and it is now time for the ladies of New Orleans to get involved.

Recently, I read a book called “Closing the Leadership Gap: Add Women Change Everything”, by Marie C. Wilson. This book talks about the important role women must play in our world to create an effective change for the better. This made me think of how important it is for us Nola Femmes to do our part. The main roles I feel we can do right now are:

1. Be informed 2. Support each other. 3. Volunteer 4. Take a chance & make a difference.

Be Informed. You have to take advantage of the resources around you. Yes, there are many resources in this town for you to take advantage of, we must seek them out. If something is going on in your neighborhood, or you heard about a new law or new building on the radio or television, or maybe just want to find out what’s going on with local political races; Don’t just jump to conclusions, do your research so you can get the facts and be able to pass them on to others as well. Not only do we have to be informed, we have to make sure that those around us are informed about what’s going on in New Orleans. Hold neighborhood meetings, dinner nights, do what you need to make sure everyone knows the facts in order for them to make informed decisions on their future and the future of New Orleans.

Some Helping Resources to get you started

A. Google whatever you want to know.
B. Community Data Center
C. Nola Public Record
D. Good Nola News
E. New Orleans Tech.Net
F. City of New Orleans
G. Preservation Resource Center
H. New Orleans City Council
I. Reach out to local nonprofit organizations for information

Support Each Other. The only way for New Orleans to make a better N.O. is for us all to work together and support each other. All it takes is for you to care what your friend or your neighbor is doing and support them and encourage them to get involved to help make New Orleans better. Every small action contributes to the bigger picture.

Volunteer. Not only must we understand everything going on we must get involved. Now is a time like no other for us women to get more involved in what’s going on in the city. Take some time out and volunteer with local agencies for your favorite cause or even maybe something you want to know more about or get the word about. Volunteering is truly important to the recovery of this city. We must work together to continue to grow not only the infrastructure but the community. If you need a starting point try out Hands on New Orleans (, many opportunities for you to volunteer in the city. Even think about helping out on campaigns of your favorite local politician.

Because I am a woman, I must make unusual efforts to succeed. If I fail, no one will say, “She doesn’t have what it takes.” They will say, “Women don’t have what it takes.” ~Clare Boothe Luce

Take A Chance & Making A Difference.
We are living in important times. It’s now the time for ladies in this city to not only seek out decision making positions in local government and organizations, but also make a stand on what’s important and what we value. We must unite regardless of race and help each other create a new destiny for New Orleans. It is now time we work towards putting more women at the table and no longer leaving decisions up to the “good old boys club”. It is time for us! New Orleans own, Donna Brazille once said; “We have to hurry history, we can’t wait for men.” She is right we must not wait we must help and assist and be equal parties at the table. Former Governor Kathleen Blanco recently said “I was shy, but I have powerful thoughts”. It is now time to make our powerful thoughts heard. Let’s help create an New Orleans and a America with no limitations to what we all can do in our lifetime.
Shercole is a native New Orleanian, activist, consultant, avid Tweeter and high priestess of the positive. 😉
Her blogs and websites include Good Nola, Minority Weirdos, and SK Consulting and Ventures.