Thousands of Gulf Coast Residents Sickened by Effects of Oil Spill

The following post was originally published April 12 on local blog American Zombie.

More Cries for Help

Last Saturday I spent the day at Dr. Michael Robichaux’s farm in Raceland talking with well over 60 offshore workers, fisherman, and family members who are experiencing extreme health effects from the BP oil spill.  Many of the workers who came into direct contact with the oil and the dispersant, Corexit, are experiencing similar health problems ranging from mild sypmptoms to life threatening conditions.  It’s not only the men who were out on the Gulf during the spill that are sick, family members are experiencing health problems as well.  Even people who swam in the ocean are stricken.

While I can’t confirm this number, I am told by folks monitoring the issues that they estimate thousands, if not tens of thousands, of people along the Gulf Coast from Louisiana to Florida are suffering.   Some are experiencing mild symptoms such as asthma, nausea, and headaches, while others are suffering extreme health issues such as internal bleeding, paralysis and even death….yes death.

The following video is a testimonial from Louisiana charter boat captain, Louis Bayhi.  It’s 6 minutes long and I implore you to watch the entire thing:

Capt. Louis Bayhi – Charter boat captain and BP clean up worker experiencing severe health problems from Blackbird Media on Vimeo.

Louis was one of over 40 fisherman I spoke with on Saturday who is gravely ill.  All of these fisherman confirmed to me that the Gulf is still full of oil and dispersant is continually being deployed….including areas which have been deemed safe for seafood harvesting.

There are more testimonials coming….please help spread this message…please help spread the truth.  The nightmare BP left us with is not over, in fact it may just be starting.  The MSM is not going to report what’s happening, but I implore you to dig deeper and don’t trust what you are being spoon-fed.

I fully expect to get attacked on the seafood issue but my response is fire away…I just spoke with over 40 guys who are out there every day and their concerns have now become mine.  I will take their word over anyone.

Check out the LEAN – Louisiana Environmental Action Network website for more information.


NOLA’s Vietnamese Community on PBS

Photo by New Orleans Lady

*Tonight on PBS’ Independent Lens is the story of New Orleans’ Vietnamese community, entitled A Village Called Versailles, and their struggle to  rebuild in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. The largest Vietnamese community in the United States, Versailles was the first community in New Orleans to rebuild and most of it was done with no outside help. In January of 2006 Mayor Ray Nagin authorized a landfill within miles of the community to dump toxic waste, left behind by The Federal Flood, without an environmental impact study. This is their story, a story I followed & wrote about on my old blog and an example of what can be accomplished when a community comes together to say  “hell no, we won’t take it!”

Now the Vietnamese community is facing another challenge with the BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf. One-third of the area fishers are Vietnamese who suffer the added problem of a language barrier.

John Nquyen, Environmental Justice for Vietnamese American Young Leaders Association of New Orleans Rally re BP Deepwater Horizon Lafayette Square New Orleans, Louisiana

Photo by New Orleans Lady

*Programing Note: Original air date was 5/25/10 on WYES – this program airs again at 2 am on June 1. Sorry for the misinformation. Air dates for your area can be found by clicking the link above.