Old World Casting Co.

Recently a friend and I were talking about garden ornaments and he suggested I go to  Old World Casting Co. on Magazine Street where, he said, beautiful ornaments and statuary could be found at great prices. So I headed over there and was very excited to find a huge array of garden ornaments including fleur de lis’, crosses, gargolyes and many other lovelies. I snapped a few pics and chatted with the owner, leaving with the only and final “There are fairies at the bottom of the garden” ornament for a mere $5.00. ( See it in the slideshow below & weep, late-comers! )

He has a huge selection of fleur de lis’  and crosses in a host of styles – there’s bound to be one to fit every desire.

This is a shop I’ll return to again – a fantastic find for gifts for others and yourself at prices that will delight everyone.

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Old World Casting Co.
4712 Magazine Street