Local Photographer Organizes Humanitarian Project

Art for Art’s Sake is rolling this week-end and one of NOLAFemmes favorite sisters is participating in a photo show on Magazine Street. New Orleanian Laura Bergerol is a world-renown professional photographer who contributed to our Katrina Photo Project this year with several of her beautiful and haunting photos of homes in the city. Laura and Boise based photographer Stacy Ericson created Images Without Borders in the wake of the Haitian earthquake in an effort to supply humanitarian aid through their talent as photographers. They enlisted other photographers to join the cause and now you can view and purchase their stunning photographs this week-end at a showing at The Shop of  the Two Sisters, 1800 Magazine Street during Art for Arts Sake.  All proceeds with be donated to Doctors Without Borders, less the cost of printing, and are limited edition prints that will be retired after purchase.

Laura was kind enough to give NOLAFemmes access to the photographs in the show so we could share a few of them with our readers. So, if you’re out and about for this event Saturday evening, be sure to stop by The Shop of the Two Sisters to catch Laura’s show between the hours of 6 and 9 p.m.  Here is a listing of participating Magazine Street merchants.

disaster in Haiti

Watching the tragedy unfold this past week brought back vivid memories of August 2005. Its terrible especially since Haiti, despite being one of the poorest countries in the west, was experiencing a renaissance of late. It hurts to the soul to see the human suffering and feel the helplessness of the situation.

The very least one can do is donate to the relief effort. I remember the Red Cross presence in New Orleans for months after the disaster – donating funds to those in need, help with medical needs and blood drives and the many food trucks passing out meals around town. If you feel compelled to get involved, consider donating to the American Red Cross.

Link to make a donation directly to the Haiti relief fund

Red Cross picture slideshow

Femme Fatale Friday: Jennifer Sachs

I first met Jennifer through emails with Katrina Warriors, a local group who came together to support area women and girls shortly after the storm. Founding nodes of the Katrina Warriors Network were
Ashe Cultural Arts Center, The Guardians Institute, Loyola Women’s Resource Center, Newcomb College Center for Research on Women, The New Orleans Regional Alliance Against Abuse (2005-2006), the New Orleans Women’s Studies Consortium, UNO Women’s Center, and V-Day.

Jennifer is a one woman community service dynamo working her magic all over the internets. She maintains the official FaceBook group page for Katrina Warriors in addition to the fan page, Katrina Warriors (heart) Yoni De Lis.

Jennifer has another FaceBook page, Holistic Health and Natural Healing, that is one of my favorite pages. Her page states,

“This group is intended to serve as a networking – informational site for any & all people interested in the beliefs, practices, and activism regarding the union of the body, mind, spirit and soul through Holistic Healing.”

She links to information and articles in various disciplines of the natural/holistic lifestyle such as Traditional Chinese Medicine, Aromatherapy, nutrition and herbal medicine and issues a newsletter through FaceBook as well.

Her latest venture on the web is FaceBook page and blog NOLA-Haiti Solidarity that focuses on expressions of solidarity, donation information and status updates about Haiti.

Below are links to all of Jennifer’s pages and her Twitter ~ this is one information guru you want to follow!

NOLA-Haiti Solidarity Blog

FaceBook Page: NOLA-Haiti Solidarity

FaceBook Page: Katrina Warriors Network

FaceBook Page: Katrina Warriors (heart) Yoni De Lis

Follow Katrina Warriors on Twitter