Hot Reads 8/10/14

From our Pinterest Hot Reads board, a list of our favorite reads on the internet during the past week. Enjoy!

huffpoflapper1. From HuffPo: “Dating in the 1920’s: Lipstick. Booze, and the Origins of Slut Shaming”
Favorite quote: “The new woman of the ’20s was totally different from her mother. She worked and voted. She smoked, drank and danced. She dated. She celebrated her new freedoms in style. She was a flapper.”

2. Also from HuffPo: “The Real “L” Word (Especially in the Bible Belt”) Is….”
(H/T: Part Time Monster)
Favorite quote: “Ministry isn’t always a sermon or a church service. No! Ministry is about loving people — all people. Jesus was radically inclusive. Just look at the woman at the well and the lepers, all considered abominations by the religious people. Jesus loved them, and He included them. That’s what I want to do with The Dandelion Project.”

3. Aaaaand, three times the charm. From HuffPo: “These Are the Things Men Say To Women On the Street”
This is shit that happens when you’re just walking down the street minding your own business. No favorite quote here. The pictures tell the story. huffpo

4. From Humanistic Paganism: “A Pedagogy of Gaia: How Lammas Changed My Life” by New Orleans blogger and activist Bart Everson.
Tagline: What can we learn, and how can we teach, from the cycles of the Earth — both the cycles within us, and the cycles in which we find ourselves?
Favorite Quote: “We may discover unexpected depths and make new connections if we are open to possibilities.”

photo(2)5. From Thought Catalog: “How and Why To Keep a Commonplace Book”
Favorite Quote: “Some of the greatest men and women in history have kept these books. Marcus Aurelius kept one–which more or less became the Meditations. ”
Note: I’ve keep one of these little books off and on over the years. Here’s two of my old ones. For me, it’s a creative addition to traditional journaling. Plus, I love quotes.


6. From “Things That Strike My Fancy”tammyv
Favorite Quote: “So each new creation we allow to come through us may have been written/sung/painted/danced/spoken before, but in this instance it is filtered through our unique human experience and so it must be something new under the sun. Bayles and Orland, in Art and Fear say: Each new piece of your art enlarges our [everyone’ else’s] reality. The world is not yet done.”
Note: this is a really great essay on nurturing inspiration in your art and writing.

7. And our list for the week comes from Part Time Monster: “Top Ten Tuesday: Top 10 Books I’d Give to Readers Who Haven’t Read Southern Literature”
A great book list that you should check out. I’d add Mystic Pig by Richard Katrovas,  Atchafalaya Houseboat: My Years in the Louisiana Swamp by Gwen Roland and French Quarter Fiction: The Newest Stories of America’s Oldest Bohemia edited by Joshua Clark.
What book would you add?
8. And finally, great poem of the week is “Don’t You Miss the Phone Booth” by Kate Peper on Rattle. Well, don’t you? If you haven’t thought about it, read this poem. Really.
A little snippet:

Oh, sure, back then it meant people couldn’t reach you 24/7,
photos snapped from your cell at a dinner party couldn’t be sent
to your loved ones in Zurich, or your pre-teen’s thumbs
couldn’t get the workout from texting, but hey—

March 8 ~ International Women’s Day

I knew this day was coming but still it’s crept up on me, procrastinator that I am. Since I haven’t prepared a post specific to this theme, I hope this blog will stand on it’s own merit as a site that promotes, educates, entertains and celebrates women. I am grateful to have a wonderful panel of women who have taken time out of their busy lives to share their thoughts with you on this forum ~ this is a good time to tell you how much I appreciate you all. Thank you Morwen, Holly, NolaNotes, Nikki, Amy and SwampWoman for sharing yourselves  and being great team-members!  Thank you to Michelle and Gina, two of my original members who are no longer with us. I miss you. And thank you to the guest postesses and the women I’ve interviewed who’ve tolerated my rather amateurish efforts. I love you all.

This might be a good time also to announce that Nikki Page Sothern will no longer be posting on NOLAFemmes. To say I am devastated is not an exaggeration. I’ve known Nikki for a few years now having first found her through her personal blog, Nola Nik, where we became “chatters” through comments there and on my own blog. I wish you well in your new endeavors and your new life as a mother, Nikki. You will be missed!

So, if anyone out there is interested in being a contributor here, shoot me an email. I’m always on the look-out for new voices.

Today especially, I want to give a shout-out to a blog that I highly respect as a strident voice for women – one that I read regularly and always, always learn from. Please visit Gender Across Borders today for their thoughts about IWD and for live-blogging of participants of Blog For International Women’s Day.

Please take the time today  to tell at least one woman and/or girl in your life what she means to you. Happy International Women’s Day!