I just can’t stay inside!!!

By now I’ve pretty much established myself as a picture manic poster on this website. I revel in sights that delight my eye.

After spending Friday at French Quarter Festival (a great time), we decided to check out City Park’s Botanical Gardens. After this visit I will refer to it as the Garden of Eden. What a beautiful place it is. (note to self: go to thesaurus dot com to find a more appropriate word for beautiful).

Between the two of us, hubby and I took over 1,000 pictures. No kidding. I’ve only checked out what I took as of this posting. I have whittled down my 500 plus pix to 50, but don’t worry – I will not post them all here. Just what I think are the best.

So without much further ado I present you the beauty of the Botanical Gardens at City Park

If you ever visit the Botanical Gardens, there is a fantastic, secret garden for train lovers. It’s the Train Garden and I plan to publish my pictures from this wonderfully imaginative garden soon. If you’re ever bored on the internet – as my 22 year old daughter is wont to do – check out the rest of my Botanical Garden pix at my photobucket site