No White Flags

Former New Orleans Saints player Steve Gleason has a heart-warming video that will be shown during Superbowl 2014. Saints Fans: get a tissue and enjoy


an abominable ruling

So the NFL drops the gauntlet – but its more like a guillotine

WWL-TV reported at noon today that the ruling on the pay-for-performance hits on opposing team members – one year suspension for Sean Payton, beginning April 1, former defensive coordinator Gregg Williams suspended immediately for an indeterminate length of time, and GM Mickey Loomis suspended for 8 regular season games. Not to mention the Saints have to pony up $500,000 fine and will also lose 2 second round draft picks in 2012 and 2013, and 22 or more players have yet to be sanctioned.

All this despite Payton and Loomis admitting culpability, and the franchise gets slammed with huge, mind blowing punishments. Some may say that the responsible parties deserved it: many will think its grossly unfair that the Saints appear to be the victim in the twisted practice of scapegoating. All this coming down while Drew Brees remains unsigned and New Orleans is hosting the Super Bowl in 2013. And to add insult to injury, the NFL delayed their announcement until right after Saints season ticket holders plunked down their deposit on 2012 tickets this past Friday…

The ones who will ultimately suffer are the fans. But wouldn’t it be oh so sweet if the Saints rally, make it to and win Super Bowl XLVII and everybody outside the Who Dat Nation gets to eat a big ole bowl of crow gumbo…

UPDATE: Doug Mouton on the 6pm WWL-TV news just reported that the alleged whistleblower in this pay-for-performance was Jeremy Shockey. I’ll bet there will be many a #88 jersey put out with the trash tonight…

Monday Night Menu


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With a side of FRIED Stephen Godfrey YUM YUM.

Update: The link above to a story called “ The Falcons-Saints Rivalry: Hating America’s Team After Hurricane Katrina” has been disabled. I tried a search & the story has completely disappeared.


Who Dats Gone Wild

As you can imagine, this city is wild today anticipating the NFL season opener against The Vikings in our iconic Superdome. Schools and businesses are closing early so everybody can get their game face on.
For those of you unlucky enough to not live here, here are a few links to put you in the loop:

Game day preparations for the pre-game concert in Jackson Square.

Facebook Page for Farve’s Retirement Party

(Props to my friend, Toma, for the funeral photo.)


These Are Strange & Beautiful Days

As a New Orleanian when you’re faced with a person that just doesn’t get it (as we inevitably are), link to this video.  It just doesn’t get any clearer or more heart-felt than what you’ll see and hear in this video.  Oh, and my favorite quote?

“New Orleans doesn’t have a place for people that are luke-warm.”


The Soul of New Orleans

New Orleans won the trifecta this past weekend

Overheard at work today…

“We sure did win the trifecta this past weekend. New Orleans elected a new mayor without having to go to a run off, the Saints won the Super Bowl, and we’re in the thick of Mardi Gras. Its a fabulous time to be a New Orleanian right now!”



The Saints will be rolling in a VICTORY (WHO DAT?!) parade Tuesday evening, beginning at 5pm. Yours truly will be rolling in it and I am excited beyond measure -indicated by the caps, which I save for special occasions.

So get yourself recharged, save a wee bit to come out and cry and laugh and dance at the team that has made everything new again!