Let 2014 Shine for Girls

I’ve been thinking about what I wanted to write about for a New Years Eve post for this blog. Several ideas came to mind while I was showering (where I do a lot of my creative thinking!), or changing the cat box or driving to the store but none of them hit the right chord with me since I didn’t really know exactly what it is I wanted to say. Then I saw a FaceBook status by an acquaintance, a fellow poet whom I interviewed for this blog a while ago, and I knew I’d found my post. Which is really her post that needs to be shared. It screams to be shared.

Sha’Condria Sibley (aka iCON the Artist) was sharing the fact that someone had left a racial slur, the N-word, on the YouTube video of her poem “To All The Little Black Girls With Big Names”. This pissed me off, of course. Another example of haters hating on people who are different than they, an avalanche that just won’t stop. But this post isn’t only about that despicable fact. It’s about Sha’Condria’s  powerful, inspirational poem and about the kind of role models little girls need. Role models like Sha’Condria  who has written this beautiful, empowering poem and performs it to perfection with grace and conviction. Role models who won’t stand for hate and name-calling, who use their talent for good and decent reasons, to share their experiences and their wisdom, to lift up, not tear down.

So, little girls and big girls, y’all listen up and make 2014 a shining year for girls with big names and big ideas. Don’t let the haters get ya down. And Happy New Year!

Political Manipulation Via Hatred & Ignorance

“Sen. Vitter knows very well that undocumented immigrants are not eligible for public benefits like welfare, food stamps, Social Security or Medicaid. They never have been,” said Susan Weishar, a migration specialist at the Loyola University’s Jesuit Social Research Institute. “It is poisonous to the political discourse that Sen. Vitter continues to scapegoat people who came to Louisiana to help us rebuild our homes and businesses after Katrina.” –The Times Picayune, Oct. 8,2010

Politics is a nasty business which is why I try to stay out of it publicly. That’s not to be confused with apathy – I keep up with the local and national scene and I have my opinions – I just choose not to flail around in the muck via this blog. There are plenty of politically experienced bloggers out there that have that domain covered so I leave it to them. This post isn’t about my political opinion of David Vitter or Charles Melancon; instead, this post is about what I, and many others, perceive as manipulative lying on a massive scale that appears to be escalating expeditiously. About a week ago I had my first viewing of David Vitter’s TV commercial portraying Hispanic illegal aliens climbing through a hole in a chain link fence and being welcomed by this scene: and it made my skin crawl. Adding to this despicable affront is the fact that he shares the opening scene with Sharron Angle’s equally racist ad against Sen. Harry Reid of Nevada. It’s apparent to anyone with a brain that Senator Vitter and others are attempting to manipulate a certain segment of the population through their prejudices and fears of illegals, particularly Hispanic illegals, as is   evident by the growing numbers of these blatantly racist ads. Maybe Senator Vitter thinks this is what he needs to do to steer the attention of his conservative base away from his own questionable behavior. Whatever the reason, this kind of ad is racist garbage and I would call out anyone who condones it, regardless of political affiliation. This goes way beyond politics into the realm of just plain old fashioned hatred. I think the American people are  sick and tired of it and it’s past time we let these politicians know with our voices as well as our votes.

For those readers outside of Louisiana I’ve embedded the offending video below.